Dehaka + We Move Unseen

Am I missing something obvious with Dehaka and this mutator? I rush out Glevig’s den as fast as humanly possible, and even then there is a coolup time before I can get any wurms, so I often feel like a burden to my ally for the first wave (especially comboed with Speed Freaks or Infested Terrans… and on a fast start map like RtK or P&P, fuhgeddaboutit!) Do I just have to accept that early detection is an achilles heel and beg my ally’s indulgence?

Basically yes. Rush out a worm as they are pretty good with their deep tunnel ability. You can still leap and roar (potentially make these your first 2 abilities unless your ally is able to provide detection). As P3 alternating Roar can clump up enemies nicely for double Leaps depending on enemy comp.

On the flipside once you get a few Primal and Greater Primal Wurms available this mutator is essentially nullified as soon enough you’ll hit level 5 and get detection.


I usually start Leap/Devour, but that’s a good point about Leap/Roar if my ally looks to be slow on getting detection up, thanks!

And yes, Dehaka nullifies it pretty well past the early game, just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Would only make sense if you thought you could get a whole level via Leap damage. Can at least kill critters on CoC or VP.

Maybe worth experimenting with P3.

Sure, I’ll try it. P2 is my go-to for B+ personally, I love the ability of the pack leaders to solo waves while my army is still being healed by an untargetable dehaka underground, but I’ve been meaning to give P3 a whirl.

I try P2 sometimes as it’s so strong sometimes but I always miss how strong my Haka duo are especially in the early game. Main trick for making P3 work for me was rebinding tab and shift-tab to small mouse buttons to quickly switch between the Hakas to get their abilities off quickly.