Dehaka P1 skills

=I= never take healing early on. It was my ally that did that. That’s what surprised me b/c I indeed haven’t seen ppl do that, and having experienced that for the first time, I gotta admit, it was nice. I don’t know if he got it for me, or it b/c it was what he normally does anyways. With that healing aura, Dehaka doesn’t have to follow ally’s army. The ally can follow him around.

His P1 doesn’t have Scorching Breath as part of its (-).

I’ve seen ppl put a pt into healing towards the end, but never at the start which is what makes this thread interesting. You’re still using everything else like Devour, Leap, and Roar. As such, preventative stuff is for people who still make use of those abilities. They still Leap, Roar, Devour (Psionic preferrably), and sometimes do end up taking damage.

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Yes, of course you’re right about that. I was actually referring in general to how Dehaka reduces damage taken by wiping out waves quickly. Without fire breath it would just be:

And realistically you’re always taking some damage as Dehaka. Too many people play him rather passively. He’s designed to be up front and in the enemy’s face, aggressively but wisely using his abilities.


Well I tried all your suggestions. As expected putting points into leap is a big apm sink, though at least now I am roaring 75-100% of the enemy wave now. I still take 1 lvl in healing aura so at least I have some healing when idling. If against pure/mostly ground comps I don’t take AA attack and relocate it to either leap 3 or lvl 2 healing aura. For me the additional regen is just a little safety blanket while I A-move my army after devouring my desired unit.

Edit: Just a little observation but I think P1s weakest map is P&P especially if your ally likes to clear everything. You most likely don’t have anything to devour before the last boss fight unless you don’t clear the top left or the boss summons units that don’t die quickly. But by then you should have a maxed army that could take down the last boss easily.

IMO for P1:
Leap damage primarily relies on Dehaka melee damage (scales with level), which is lower as P1 due to his lower max level.
Leap lvl2 and lvl3 are only useful if your P1 Dehaka will be always jumping into the melee thick of battle (dont die).
Its benefits also varies depending on your level of micro and how often you use the Pack Leader calldowns to tank for your army/dehaka.
If you will be using Leap only for early game leveling then imho leaving it at 1 is okay.

Roar gets good upgrades at all ranks, slows move/attack at 1, prevents spells at 2 and reduces armor by two at lvl3.
Overall very worth it but perhaps should not be rushed due to lack of casters early on.

Devour obviously to be maxed with P1 Dehaka.
Scorching Breath not available as P1.
Plating and Senses useful and require no micro.
Deadly reach not as useful due to lower P1 damage and you can just eat an air unit for ranged attack.
Primal Regeneration - if teammate has no healing (like protoss) this skill is a bit more valuable than usual, but little reason to rush this skill before you have an army.