Dead Of Night RakShir: reapair it finaly!

I understand this game has no support anymore and co-op isn’t as patched as regular game modes, but can anyone the hell ever fix Dead Of Night and RakShir? these missions have been around for several years and are still buggy. In Dead Of Night, the player’s base at the top of the screen is attacked by jumping enemies because the wall is too stiff, if you don’t have turrets against the enemy unit, it will be a recurring nightmare for you, it would be funnier this jumping enemy will not attack the turrets but will attack workers so you have to have 3-7 of them depending on their power to sweep him away before he does damage … there are also flying enemies that appear only at night and have a very long range, they fly past this wall and just like jumping enemies start to suddenly kill you units, it is rarely the cause of failure, but it still requires removal. Meanwhile, RakShir is a nightmare, the second base, the player on the left is a few meters from the spawning site of enemies, if the game draws enemy ranged units or, worse, tanks and cruisers, you simply cannot build a base there because maintaining it is more expensive than building it. it was funnier the enemies are elevated in relation to the player’s base and the red symbol for waves of enemies appears after the chat from their appearance, when your base no longer exists or you are trying to defend it, and to make it even more fun, some of the enemies are not part of the waves and help to the goal of the mission to drag the fighters in the circle and they also have their point there … If you have Kharaxs or Swain or Arcturus, it really is great for you because 90% of the enemies on the map are broken against your base but other heroes can do almost nothing and if are on a difficulty level that is demanding for them (which is probably the goal of these levels) then such a player must withdraw from having a second base … Grallulations these 2 mistakes change the fun into work (or they irritate the other player because you don’t intend to waste your time on it and quit the game)

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I very much so doubt the dead of night one was unintended, and I have no idea what you’re talkin about with the rakshir one

I’m pretty sure that these are intended parts of the challenge of the maps.

This should help you learn how to play better so these sort of things aren’t a big deal anymore. If the site isn’t in your native language then Google translate should work. GL!

on CoA, the lower natural is near the third set of hybrids, so sometimes they’ll move north and get vision of your stuff, then destroy your base.
(i think that’s the issue)

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The only thing like a bug is the way Hunterlings will jump the wall and attack the workers ONLY for the player on the left.
Either it should be possible to get this kind of attack for both players, either this kind of attack should be made impossible, but half-way through seems unintended indeed.
For Rak’shir, I’ve never experienced what you describe, you may be playing at a difficulty level too high for you?

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Hunterlings on DoN do attack both players, it’s just that they come over the wall for left player and through the front door for right player. Since most DoN players are defending the front door anyway, the right player feels much less pressure from them (and may not even notice them at all.)

Note that you’ll get a warning SCREEEEECH audio cue on night 1 if Hunterlings are showing up as the left player, encouraging you to hold some troops back to protect your stuff, or you can put some static up behind your mineral line, or both.

It’s weird but I’m sure that i have had Hunterlings jump over the right wall a long time ago but they stopped doing it for some reason? I still walk a worker up onto the right platform and put traps there as a habit though.

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Every time I’ve played the right hunterlings come to the front, never over the wall

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