Custom game crash - can you do this one trick to fix it?

Currently we are experiencing crash for tabbing on the custom game “lobby” tab.
Can we come with a patch to switch the order of the tab in custom game?
Ex. Arcade - Custom lobby - campaign - pins
So we won’t come to see the lobby games first, since most of us (I would assume), we all have our favorite games pinned on top and don’t look at lobby at all.

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I always look at the lobby list immediately after a game, so I rather not have that changed. The issue just needs to be resolved. They blizzard fixed the first iteration of the issue, now they just need to fix this new version of the vulnerability so we can finally play the game without crashing all the time.

I’m having the same issue

Hey UMEtony,

Here is a work around that will avoid the “Lobbies” tab when in the Custom game mode:


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