Counter Mass Carrier

Wondering if you guys could help.
I can never seem to beat a mass carrier when TvP. Any suggestions guys?

Mass fully upgraded BCs is the way. Raven for anti-armor missile. Do not forget missile turret spam you can safely teleport on when your bcs are low.


Thanks mate I’ll get on it

Um, the enemy will add Tempest vs your BC… why do you advise him to get BCs vs tempest?

Yes in a plain stupid monobattle that would work.

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If this is silver/gold, ie toss to noob to get splash with air, mass 3/3 marines will do the job nicely. Target interceptor with marines.

Mass marines with stim and upgrades. They melt the interceptors, then u can hit carriers. Mass= 120 supply of marines

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MASS THORS CAN BASICALLY KILL ANY MASS AIR UNITS! (except for broodlords that has already sent a lot of broodlings :rofl:)

The best way to counter Mass Carriers (if this happens in a pro match) is to kill the Interceptors faster than they could be produced.

Interceptors cost 15 minerals each. Therefore, each Carrier is a huge investment. The only way for a carrier to attack is to produce interceptors. So, if you have a way to intercept the interceptors, you will win each battle with mass carriers.

Based from my experience playing Terran, the best counter for Mass Carrier(and by Mass Carrier, I mean the army is made of an Armada of it) is to produce Mass Thors.

Remember, you shouldn’t mind the Carrier itself because it’s a sitting duck without it’s Interceptors. Thors have AOE rockets which is very effective against Interceptor which has light armor. If you can kill the Interceptors, you can kill the Carriers later on with High Impact bullets.

The whole clash will take some time before you will be able to kill all Interceptors, but your Thors will surely still be there after that esp if you are 3/3/3. Don’t forget to support those Thors with Mules and SCVs, your Thors are immortal if they are being repaired by Mass Mules and SCVs. If you notice that the Carriers cannot produce any Interceptors, it only means that the Protos army has already lost its mineral supply, which means, you already won the game, because Carriers are useless without a huge amount of minerals.


I agree, BCs just gonna die against Carriers. It’s not cost efficient as well, BCs are relatively expensive compared to Carriers LOL! It’s not a very good unit to Micro as well, I suggest Mass Thors and Attack Ground AOE the Interceptors until he loses all those minerals producing Interceptors.

Bcs will reduce ammount of carriers by looking at them. It is always good to build them.

Thors are alright, but need target fire to stay focused on carriers themselves.

± 8 libs can do quick work with interceptors if they are distracted attacking something else.

Mass marine and even mass ghost can kill carriers without AOE support

Mass viking works well until certain point when carriers outperform it. Great for fighting few at a time.

Cyclones can erase 1-2 stray carriers if you have magfield. Great if you went battlemech and was caught off guard.

Don’t get mass Vikings they suck both against storm, and Speedy Void Rays.

Mass bc is they way, but the toss should be a complete noob to let you do that.

If the protoss massed carriers early, he probably has no defense. Take all your tanks go mobile and a-move one side of the map. Take all your hellions and a-move the other, go all the way to his main base. He has nothing, and your units will do nothing to defend you.

Take all your marines and thors and keep them safe by building towers around them. I usually rally near the top of my ramp, or maybe right outside my natural.

The carriers can destroy workers really fast. He will laugh at missile turrets alone provided he outnumbers them. But he is very slow at destroying command centers, production buildings, etc, especially with building armor.

In the time it takes him to destroy a worker line, you can build 6 towers around one point you hope to defend. In the time it takes him to kill 6000hp of armored buildings you can produce another cycle of thors.

Targeting the carriers with high impact payload can work but only if your formation is better than his. If you run it single file, you’re screwed. If he micro’s his range and can see the thors he can keep carriers safe. If you stand still and have towers to help the interceptors will all die.

no league info was given. but generally speaking if someone is going mass carrier they are most likely messing around unranked or they are in a low league.

Since he said mass carrier we can assume its just carrier and nothing else.

BCs are incredibly expensive. If you spot Carriers and you weren’t already going AIr as Terran then you are behind. You won’t catch up to a proper BC count by the time he masses. This situation happens more often than not. Especially in low league. In low league most players will NOT react even if they scout early. They wait until the army in on your doorstep. By then its too late.

But this is a specific situation in the game. So, BC, with yamato cannon and reparing SCVs and mules they can do well against carriers, but you need proper practice with the micro. So here is a low league alternative.

The first unit that you will ever get a chance to produce and upgrade is the Marine.
Mass produce Marines until you can get Thors. Proper turret placement next to bases you want to defend. Stim against interceptors. Let Thors take out the interceptors too. Carriers will quickly lose all their interceptors to this.

That is when you push as your building more units. Marines will take the front of the damage. Keep thors alive. once you gain the numbers advantage you can have your thors go high impact and attack the carriers directly.

don’t stop making scvs and units. You can out produce carriers. The earlier you catch skytoss the better.
He will not be able to remax with carriers for awhile or just quit if he loses too much.

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why do you guys keep reviving this thread lol

Widow mines under front rank units or near the CC can blast hundreds of interceptors in a moment, allowing everthing else to work much better. Yeah you might lose those units, but you would anyway, and you can keep the cheap units up front.

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go reaper expand into 1-1-1, 3cc then 3 rax then 5 rax, take 4th, go 8 rax
try to pick off carriers 1 by one at the beginning, mayb get drop damage done if u can otherwise just try to see his tech, if he only has like 5 units and cannons all over his bases u can assume its air or dts, so try to scout with 1 marine or a medivac from the drop.
if you get to late game, save scans and make 2-3 extra factories for widow mines, then put them in places u think he’ll cross over or try to hit interceptors
theres not much to do at 2-2 except try to keep him at his own base with aggressive positioning. then when u get 3-3 he’ll probably attack you. try to see his moveout or scan a possible position he might fly over to hit ur 3rd/4th
only take bases that are the least abusable, for example some maps standard 3rd carriers can just fly inbetween ur cc and ur rax and kill everything.

Just had a good match against protoss carriers, and studied the replay.

A group of about 6 widow mines owns the interceptors. Mine were all in a single blob. The ones in front got 1-3 kills, the ones in the back of the blob had >20 kills !!!

Most of my mining bases had about 6 towers around them. This whittled down the interceptors a little, but was insufficient on its own. Towers spaced widely across the map did next to nothing. Any place that can be defended with widow mines or thors benefits from having multiple towers close by. It also helps more to put towers behind your units than in front. The interceptors close in on their target so the splash damage from towers does a better job, compared to having a thor behind some towers where you normally see the interceptors spread out and deal with the towers fairly quickly.

Mass upgraded marine could work, but you have to stop him before making more than 9-10 carries.

Don’t do vikings they suck.

Anyone know of a good counter to mass + carrier + tempest + photo cannon?

I’ve encountered this build several times and have yet to win

I’ve tried raven + marines/medivac + vkings combination, ghost + marines/mediac + vikings

Hi, Thors actually outrange Tempests if you use the Thor’s explosive attack.

Marines. Stim combat shield marines. And a lot of them.