Corruptor over haul

silver zerg player .

i love my ranged corruptor , there like an easily mass producible AA superioty machine that can pee on things , we zerg players covet cause with out him , we be dead .

but to me , the unit is not zerg like

the corruptors cost 150 , 100 ? more expensive than a Viking by 25 gas , realisticly should cost more gas as they presently are as ranged high health pools and amor are the things that zerg has as a weekness . , but that make them much harder to mass , as they are compared to other air units mid tier . so as they are , the keep the game offset balanced , i say offset cause they break zerg rules - cheaply , this hall pass is given case zerg aint got much etls , so they have no choice but to given them a rather hardy unit .

so Corruptor ? why is it un zerg like ?

1 high heath pool
2 decent range w/ decent dammage
3 mildly slow

my suggustions are ,

change weapon from missile to melee using its tentacles
reduce range value , that was quite nice , in to damage
drop health from 200 ! to 160 , the 40 health value is transfer to speed

drop cost to 150 m , 50 v , as that the unit is no longer rangeged and has incrased in risk - near suicide - of unit loss factor , but still maintains its unit vitality ( unit is still tuff but the tuff ness is some what justified by the fact that its melee and zerg doesn’t have much for capital ships )

spell :
trade out the green vomit to a short range net , maybe range 6 with a slow cool down to “catch” prey the spell dose not draw the unit to the corruptor , but it dose stop it in its place , it can still fight . has a spread of approx 2-4 viking .

unit should keep same amor for now , as that Swarm Host 2 has not been approved , swarm host 2 would be quite a game changer .

I don’t know about that right now their slightly good on close to equal footing to some degree.

If u remove effective ness then Zerg have no real answer to sky toss or bc.

Range becomes big answer when fighting Liberators. If you give melee range then aoe melt them. Protoss would have archons to there skytoss

Phoenix would be massive pain with any decent micro they destroy any overlords not in spore forest And will destroy any air units.

Brood lord hydras. Don’t fit since they slow

hydras shouldnet be slow , but presetnly are

broods have to be slow but are not used much cause of there slow ness , making them a liabitly of sorts

i 100% agree with what your saying about the present blance , zerg have to have a ranged air figther

but if i could produce 20 scourge ling in 15 seconds , my beefy cheeper faster melee unit would make more sence .

I think corrupters should loose attack to buildings and become tripod on ground.

Because my problem especially against toss they go tempest. Because if you don’t go in mass tempest wins. But if build to many you lose.

Corrupters needs to be able attack ground units.

they wont do that , everthing in zerg attacks ground

That why giving tempest shoot air is bad because we have one unit to fight it which that unit can’t aid in ground fight.

Because if build to many you lose since and ground kill to few tempest destroy u.

I rather lose ability attack buildings and have spray that attack units but no increase just weakest form but no cool down