Compiled 10th Anniversary Achievements Tips / Issues / Bugs

Finally was able to do it, I just killed Narud, then used the Spear of Aduns Solar lance to finish a unit off as the “Victory” sound plays and thats it. got my stone Announcer now.


Question: I just finished the Protoss achievements and I’m about to start the NCOs. Looking around here, there is some frustration with Curiosity Killed the Zergling (the second mission). For research’s sake, how did you go about doing it? Certain difficulty? Taking one of Horner’s gases? Positioning? Anything else?

I did it on normal just fine, no need to crank the difficulty, but taking Horner’s Gasses is absolutely essential. Throw down a cc there and put 4 scvs on each gas to make up for the distance. Just massing reapers does the trick, I did it off 3 reactored raxes. Luring a few units out of the bonus objective nydus worms into spider mines with nova helps but isnt neccessary, just spamming mines all over the map works. Best tip is to not clump them, make long strings of mines down the whole path or you’ll be wasting damage. I got the 200 midway through the final attack wave. Don’t bother remining the right path before the brutalisk, use nova spamming snipes leading it backwards while reapers shoot from above to save as many of your mines as you can.

This helped me a lot on Normal as my mines positioning is very bad. Taking even one Horner’s gas allows a significant increase in Reapers numbers and their mines. I once happened to end up with 230+ kills with mines on Normal with only one gas taken, and I’m sure it could be much more with better control and memorising of waves.

On Normal Horner’s SCVs go for minerals if his Refineries are destroyed, but it’s harder to take his gases on Hard and Brutal as Matt rebuilds them ASAP. To take his gases one might need to take out his SCVs and/or outmicro them.

I tried on normal - best 196, but for me it rather seems random how much I can kill.

  • Take Gases - just keep in mind that on higher difficulties the AI will rebuilt a destructed Gas and assign SCV (~3) for repair if they get attacked
  • Mine the high ground preemptively and if you loose vision, restock mines for extra kills
  • the Nydus worms for the research seem to keep spawning worms even if you fail - So I think it is a good idea to fail it and deposit a few mines for roaming mobs.
  • since it is about mine kills - you can sent empty reapers into the zerg base
  • Big solo ultralisk can only be aggroed from the front and tends to minesweep his path
  • on normal you can see enemy routes on the mini map

‘Into the Void’ and ‘The Essence of Eternity’ achievement only did trigger for me after playing them through master archieve, not through normal campaign mode.
Hope that helps anybody

For any1 stuck with a specific achievement 7thAce has a playlist up to protoss done.

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Works fine… kill ravens thanks

I’m sure it’s been mentioned before but you should add that One Shot, One Opportunity can be cheesed simply by nuking 50 of your own units.

Also killing your own or ally units won’t work. The last kill has to be an enemy unit.

Right! The trigger that checks the achievement conditions only counts enemy deaths. It ignores your own or your ally’s.

I’ve been trying to earn the “outbreak” achievement, without any luck. I’ve completed it multiple times on multiple difficulty settings. It feels like all the achievements for my particular save file are bugged, I can’t earn the evacuation achievement either, and I have a save file immediately before victory that shows all the buildings destroyed.

Relevant Reddit thread:

In the Into the Void Mission, try to destroy the last 4 rifts near Narud 3 times then destroy the last Void Corruption before killing Narud and the achievement should be triggered

For the HotS’ “Death from Above” mission you can actually finish the mission in less than 18 minutes and not receive the achievement if you go for the psi destroyer after Dehaka destroys the second power link. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not.

Welp, just finished all these. That took forever, but at least it was hella easy. Well, not counting the ones that are still bugged even after it was patched.

That happened to me, I was so confused until I thought about it.

So they are easy, if they work? No rush doing them then.

In the new So Many Banelings achievement the mission is called “Dominion” when it should be “Domination”.

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It worked, Thanks! Templar Charge was the last one I needed <2
[Used carriers and voidrays btw]

In “The Spear of Adun” mission, if I lose any structures during the final cutscene with Nydus Worms does it count?