Compiled 10th Anniversary Achievements Tips / Issues / Bugs

LOL I’d doubt Tafirol was seriously thinking gas pickups did it, rather it came across to me as a final piece to an epic post that just shows how arbitrary and chaotic the Into the Void achievement is. I can only wholeheartedly agree with Tafirol’s final words: Blizzard, please fix!

EDIT: now that Tafirol mentioned it, I actually think I too collected every gas pickup, then getting the achievement. Maybe THAT IS IT?! :rofl:

Following …

That’s 20 characters? How?

Could you make a video or build order I could follow? I will do the same thing in the editor but have it tell me when the achievement status has failed.

It is an interesting theory. But I am pretty sure, there weren’t any enemy units even around when I killed Narud and popped the achievment. But just as you, I can’t be sure… It would be nice with a replay function for campaign missions right now.

I actually think it is kinda unacceptable shipping this many achievments with bugs. I get that only one of them, has a bug that makes it absolutely impossible to get (contract saviors). But having to circumvent, errors before you can get the achievments is really unproffesional. It would be fine, if contract saviors was the only one. But there are so many unintentional bugs in these achievments.

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As this may digress relating to the topic, I have created a new topic over here in this new thread.

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That could be the answer according to the Dig laser-no-kill achivement, but the bonus untargetable things count as kills.

for the Preemptive Strike achievement on the Media Blitz mission, it says that you need to kill 120 units or structures to obtain the achievement. But it was 90ishth kill for me when i got the achievement. I think it refers the count of Odin’s attacks. I’m not so sure tho, needs testing.

It IS the answer haha. It has already been confirmed via map editor (as stated in the first post). It basically comes down to how the objectives are programmed. :slight_smile:

Addressed in a previous post here by Leviathan. :slight_smile:

By the way, when I received the achievement, i really took all gas… Maybe all the same?..

I just got disintegration whatever (into the void)
I can 100% confirm you DO NOT:
Need to kill every unit
Need to kill the fleets in the corners
Need to grab every gas pick-up.

I am confident people are killing the last structure BEFORE Narud, which is causing the trigger to not fire. You MUST kill the final structure on the map AFTER Narud dies in order to get the achievement. (Solar lance makes this pretty simple, so long as you know what to do). Either that, or kill a unit after both Narud and the final structure are dead.

I did a little bit more testing in the editor on the topic of contract saviors:
There is a scripted mutalisk that finishes building at about the 3:30 mark. Alone, circumventing that would be doable (speedrun finishes right before then).
However, almost all the zerglings around data cores 2 and 3 are “bully” units, meaning the AI will rebuild them constantly. This is an issue because if you kill a bully unit, the AI will MAKE a unit.

When you get close to the 2nd data core, it will instantly “activate” bully units and start training 1 egg of zerglings. Theoretically, you could kill the egg, but again that 3:30 muta time limit means you won’t have time. You can use the speedrun strategy and attack the core from the low ground to the top right, however from what i’ve seen, the zerglings will start to morph anyway when the core reaches low hp. There is a possibility that even if you kill this core last, Narud’s “let’s get out of here” dialogue will last too long to finish the mission before the zerglings morph.

The editor says it deactivates all bullies in an area when their respective cores are destoyed, but any bullies morphing already will continue to build. I was able to finish the mission in about 3:40.

I believe this achievement would be possible WITHOUT letting the zerg build a unit if

  • The SINGULAR mutalisk that spawns at 3:30 was removed
  • The 2nd data core didn’t spawn its bully zerglings.

Still, the best way to “fix” the achievement is to simply add the check for owner of triggering progress unit.

Running with your train of thought, it seems as though the conditions are checked in a specific order (in this case top to bottom). Is there a way in which we can check if this is the case for another mission or something? Then we can perhaps narrow it down to truly requiring the need to kill another structure (or unit?) when Narud is on low health (and the animation trigger needs to be processed).

Please hit me up, when the patch rolls out.

Sorry but do you happen to have a video in which I can refer to?

At the moment I know that there is an egg of lings that will morph either:

  • When close to 2nd data core
  • At 2:20 (I think? testing now)

Whichever comes first.

What about the rest?

Okay nvm. I just found out where the muta is. That one (killing eggs) is impossible because it is in Kerrigan’s base. LoL

But if you can show how you have done it, I might want to try pushing it to finish before the muta spawn. :slight_smile:

So I am stuck on Terran Achievements and I cannot find the “Mastery Archive” Button. I have completed the campaign and all optional missions.

I have tried “Band of Brothers” in “Gates of Hell” 4x so far - once I failed due Medics, but the other 3x times I only hired Mercs, Medivacs&Science Vessels, but The achievement does not unlock.

I have read people adding error messages in the map editor - is that possible to edit the map and receive the achievement/a message indicating why it failed?

There are no archives for WoL campaign, instead of doing the whole campaing all over again, im using the save files that are posted online and playing with it.

Anyways, im dropping some achs until they are fixed, its aint fun trying over and over until you somehow check the trigger because of how poorly tested some of them are.

I’ve completed Contract Saviors in 3:22 - Before mutalisk finishes spawning. Here was my build:

1: Train 2 medivacs, first medivac heads left and picks up goliath and marine.

2: Slow game down to normal speed once reinforcement medivacs arrive (and save often)

3: Medivac with Goliath and marine heads north (counter clockwise) to 2nd objective. Drop goliath on high ground, marine on low ground. Marine has to constantly stim and focus fire on objective while goliath holds position (will defend itself but only attack objective when not being attacked)

  1. Simultaneously with step #3, 1 medivac heads far left to pick up the reinforcements just south of objective #2 (could marauders and marines I believe), a second medivac defends the small attack at home and takes the 8 marines to objective #1 (collecting the reinforcements there and attacking the objective), and the third medivac which delivered the goliath and marine to objective #2 returns home the way it came.
  1. Objective #1 is destroyed, 2 medivacs should be there (the original one that brought the 8 marines and the 2nd one you built at starport), those load up everything while the 3rd medivac (reinforcements from south of objective #2) is catching up (and picks up any leftover marines from high ground of objective #1). All 3 medivacs (the 4th which is returning home from objective #2 “goliath / marine” I don’t believe catches up in time but can grab scvs from home for the final attack) head straight east to a landing spot just to the bottom right of objective #3.
  1. The lone marine at objective #2 has to constantly be stimming, objective #2 must fall ASAP in order to trigger the long audio cutscene.

  2. Everything is unloaded, marines are stimmed, medivacs heal up, and the army makes a direct push to objective #3 via right click (avoid attacking or else zerglings will auto spawn at the nearby hatch). It helps a ton to have the goliath and marauders “tank” the damage above the marines, while the marines stutter step attack the objective and wench themselves to the left of the objective and a nearby building. Medivacs can do some last second healing before being wiped out by spores, and marines can stim a second time to get the extra damage in.

When using this strategy, I finished as quickly as 3:22. Step #6 always yielded different results based on my performance. The 3rd medivac with a few extra marines was always about 10 - 15 seconds behind, but the push can be started early. Stim ahead of time and heal up to get in there quickly.

I was unaware of the “bully” zerglings morphed @ objective #2 mentioned in recent posts. If they automatically morph based on objective health or unit proximity, I don’t see how that could be prevented with my strategy as there’s only 1 goliath and 1 marine there (a huge lack of dps).

Good luck with this,


Sorry it’s such a long description instead of a video, I don’t quite know how to make a video. If you’d like to join me on discord, I can share screens and show you if that helps at all. May give it a few goes (again) myself today.

Updated: Just tried my particular strategy again. I’m convinced with the resources available and current time restrictions it is not possible to complete the mission by the 3:30 mark while at the same time preventing the northern zergling eggs from hatching. My strategy focuses on as much units (dps) as possible grouping up for the 3rd objective to make the 3:30 time, which then prevents anything from being done (killing eggs) @ 2nd objective. Even if you were to kill the egg @ 2nd objective, you’d 1) delay destroying the 2nd objective which pushes back the long audio cutscene, and 2) make destroying the 3rd objective even difficult due to a lack of army.


I don’t want to seem like I know the true issue behind this particular achievement. SC2 triggers is essentially its own programming language. Specifically to the language of the editor, I’m a bit limited in what I can understand. But because I have some knowledge of programming in general, I can draw parallels when looking at the triggers. (That’s why over in my bug report thread, I tried to take a ‘might be’ approach to this achievement.)

Partially to your question, something that occurred to me over night was that it appears that Narud dies during the cinematic. And since triggers can be set to count or not count deaths in cinematics, perhaps the devs intended his cinematic death to be the final run of the achievement trigger. But maybe for some reason, it doesn’t. It may take someone who understands the editor better than I to hunt through all the calls, subroutines, variables, and general jumping around that triggers do to find the root cause.