Commander Overmind concept

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Overmind commands Entities able to open Rifts. Once opened, Rifts spawn Locusts and produce creep up to a wide area. Rifts take 10 sec to open and can be relocated or reopened if destroyed, 1 min cooldown. Rifts have the same color as their controlling Entity. Each Entity unlocks new units to produce. At level 15, three Entities can be built: Entity of Life (green) -> Lair -> Entity of Power (red) -> Hive - > Entity of Mind (blue).

Overmind abilities

Drop-pod. Calls down zerlings, roaches and hydras with timed life to a visible location on the map, cooldown 3 min

Mist. Creep emits miriads of tiny spores all around the map reducing vision, attack and movement speed of enemy units (ground and air) and structures for 20 sec, cooldown 4 min

Second Breath. Increases movement speed, health and life time for all friendly units with timed life for 30 sec, cooldown 5 min

Units from Entity of Life

Shapeshifter. Mineral only, ground unit that can attack ground and air units. Morphs between two forms: Ursarus and Vulparus. Ursarus has higher HP and armor, but slow attack and movement speed, smaller range. Vulparus is quite the opposite - more fragile but faster and attacks further.
Abilities: attacking Shapeshifter reduces attack and movement speed of enemy units, passive (research), upon taking fatal damage Shapeshifter morphs into its other form with full health, cooldown 3 min, passive (research)

Units from Entity of Power

Marmalisk. Fast high HP melee unit with increased anti-amor damage.
Abilities: slams the ground and stuns all nearby ground units dealing small damage to them, cooldown 5 sec, auto-cast; when health gets low the chance of critical damage (x2) increases, passive (research); receives reduced damage from ranged attacks by 50% and from energy based attacks by 75%, passive (research)

Corruptor. Flying anti-air anti-armor unit.
Abilities: abducts air unit from a long range if no already abducted enemy units nearby, doesn’t work on hero units, auto-cast, cooldown 30 sec (research); quickly morphs to Broodlord and after 30 sec quickly morphs back to its original form fully restoring its health, cooldown 3 min

Units from Entity of Mind

Infestor. Ground unit, can move and cast while borrowed.
Abilities: steals all energy from an enemy, cooldown 5 sec (research); blinds an enemy unit or structure for 5 sec - blinded enemy cannot attack or cast, 50 energy; increases health of friendly units in a small radius by 200 HP for 10 sec, 75 energy; gets enemy unit under control for 20 sec, up to 3 enemies can be control simultaneously, 100 energy (research)

Ignicalisk. Very high HP fast flying unit. Splash attack (only air or only ground) in a wide line, increased damage vs light units. Can only have one.
Abilities: upon taking fatal damage turns into a cocoon, and unless destroyed within 20 sec reborns with full HP, passive; fears enemy units (except the ones in bunkers) in a wide area for 5 sec, feared units can’t attack or cast, cooldown 1 min (research); when HP drops below 50% steals health from Locusts and Shapeshifters, passive (research)

Commander Progress

Entities. Overmind uses Entities to open Rifts and release endless swarms of Locusts. Creep increases movement and attack speed of friendly ground units. Larvae spawn at an increased rate

Rift Overpower. Overpowered Rifts spawn 3 times more units and cover themselves with Disabling Cloud for 20 sec, each Rift has its own cooldown 3 min

Entity of Life upgrades cache. Increase number of Locusts spawned Level 3, and Locusts can attack enemy air units and structures

Improved Overlords. morph instantly and provide 50% more supply

Rift Protection. Entities can consume drones and build Meat Towers around open Rifts in predefined positions: anti-air (and detector), ground splash, ground siege. Meat Towers do not relocate with rifts

Entity of Power upgrades cache. Marmalisks receive reduced damage from range and energy based attacks, and Corruptors can abduct enemy or friendly air units

Mist. New Overmind ability that makes creep to produce a toxic mist impairing enemy units and structures

Rift Superpower. Overpowered Rifts additionally spawn small number of more powerful units

Entity of Mind. The third Entity and two new units: Infestor and Ignicalisk

Rift Master. Rifts open almost immediately and the relocation cooldown is halved. Relocated (but not destroyed) Rifts leave a few active creep tumors

Entity of Mind first upgrades cache. Infestors can steal energy from enemy units, and Ignicalisk can fear enemy units

Second Breath. New Overmind ability to temporarily improve all friendly units with timed life

Omnipresence. Enable friendly units to teleport between the Rifts and their Entities

Entity of Mind second upgrades cache. Infestors can mind control enemy units, and Ignicalisk can steal health from Locusts and Shapeshifters when under 50% HP

Remnants of Void Energy. When being relocated, Rifts remain open for some time still spawning Locusts

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