Co-Op Mutation #342: Rubber and Glue

Kaldir’s brutal weather has caused your weapons systems to jam and frequently cause sparks to fly into all directions, including into your own forces. The cold air pockets scattered across the battlefield has also grounded several of your troops and costs them precious time. Focus on the shuttles to bring them down.

Diffusion - Damage dealt to enemies is split evenly across all nearby units, including your own.
Double-Edged - Damage dealt by your units and structures is dealt back to them, but then healed back over time.
Temporal Field - Enemy Temporal Fields are periodically deployed throughout the map.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Desolate Queen] [Twotuuu Lone Puppy]
[CtG Knowledge Seeker] [RMasterJ Hierarch of the Daelaam]
[CtG Heavy Weapons Specialist] Dehakaburger Primal Contender
[CtG Lord of the Horde] crichard Purifier Executor

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  • Sturdy units that don’t necessarily have the highest damage output will perform comparatively well vs. Double-edged. So will free units like the Infested and Locusts, and expendable units like Banelings and Spidermines.
  • Diffusion affects units within 5 range of the enemy damaged.
  • Buildings are not affected by Diffusion, so Karax, Swann, and Zagara all have the option to play tower defense here.
  • Temporal Field renders units completely immobile until it dissipates. Heroes are slowed.

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If there are timed units you’d like to “put on ice”, find a Temporal Field, near you! When it came up in MO, I was able to do this for Swann’s Warbots to delay them time out for them to take another crack at a wave.

Mutation overlap 156 this week 2nd

1st clear Mengsk P3+Tychus P1

Mutation (Rubber and Glue) play list

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Hidden benefits! Clever!

Swann P1 should be amazing, slow drill affecting the shuttles really makes this map into a cakewalk. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

If I play as Alarak and use Shadow of Death prestige, it would be fun to send more Destroyers to overwhelm Amon’s forces while braving the Temp Fields and Diffusion alike.

#156 Rubber and Glue – 17/18 SOLO CLEAR (sigh, Raynor)

Mutators: Double-edged, Diffusion, Temporal Field

Double-edged is the more dangerous mutator, so use the usual strats against that. Diffusion just means that fights last longer than usual, so try to engage shuttles earlier. The biggest change is that Zagara can’t use scourge on the shuttles because the scourge will die to diffusion.

Build anti-air structures to the sides of the conduits so diffusion hurts them less.

Failures [and why I failed]

Raynor (p0, p1) [got to about 20 minutes, then fat hybrids ruined the day; use vikings to kill shuttles and spider mines for attack waves]

Successes [and key points]

Breeze (easy)

Abathur (p2) #156: Rubber and Glue - Abathur Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [swarm hosts]

Artanis (p3) #156: Rubber and Glue - Artanis Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [mass dragoons]

Dehaka (p2) #156: Rubber and Glue - Dehaka Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [creeper hosts]

Karax (p3) #156: Rubber and Glue - Karax Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [the usual]

Mengsk (p3) #156: Rubber and Glue - Mengsk Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [mass bunkers]

Stetmann (p2) #156: Rubber and Glue - Stetmann Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [the usual; infestors or corruptors for anti-air (in addition to spores)]

Stukov (p3) #156: Rubber and Glue - Stukov Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [the usual]

Swann (p1) #156: Rubber and Glue - Swann Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [factory fleet and turrets]

Challenge (medium)

Alarak (p0) #156: Rubber and Glue - Alarak Solo (p0) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [mass slayers]

HH (p1) #156: Rubber and Glue - Han and Horner Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [reapers and good calldown usage]

Nova (p1) #156: Rubber and Glue - Nova Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [liberators kite shuttles so they don’t die to double-edged]

Vorazun (p3) #156: Rubber and Glue - Vorazun Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [mass stalkers]

Zagara (p3) #156: Rubber and Glue - Zagara Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [Zagara does most of the work, then corruptors come in during the late game; no zerglings because of diffusion, so make lots of spores]

Zeratul (p1) #156: Rubber and Glue - Zeratul Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [mass ambushers]

Torture (difficult)

Fenix (p3) #156: Rubber and Glue - Fenix Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [mass adepts]

Kerrigan (p3) #156: Rubber and Glue - Kerrigan Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [mutalisks kite shuttles, broodlords attack waves; use crushing grip, enter a wurm to avoid damage]

Tychus (p0) [Commentary] #156: Rubber and Glue - Tychus Solo (p0) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [throw Sam’s and Tychus’s grenades, then pick them up with a medivac]

Questions about any of these runs are welcome.


My teammate played Dehaka and used creeper hosts while babyKerrigan level 1 got hardcarried. Not much more to say about it this time …

I find the best unit to use as Alarak vs Double Edge is Slayers. Mama ship and Destroyers tend to kill themselves. Not sure how it interacts with Diffusion.

Edit: and that’s not to say that Slayers are good but rather that Alarak is pretty bad vs DE unless you can do Ascendant micro into and out of War Prisms.

Second try:

Played Abathur P1 and got a Stukov P3 ally. Improved my macro from my first game as I find myself so out my comfort zone with Abathur not having UEs to lure for. Focused on single base Ravager however just as I got decent Biomass for the first 6 or so my ally timed out and rather than restart I continued solo.

Very easy mission. Abathur/Stukov solo is perfect as Abathur doesn’t need minerals and Stukov doesn’t need gas. Stukov needs so little micro just had to set Compound to a control group to move the psi-crystal. Had a good little squad of Biomassed Mutas, Ravagers and a couple Vipers with a decent amount of Bunkers pumping out Troopers. I realised that Devourers would have been a better choice with the increased range keeping them out of Diffusion range just as the map ended.

Zagara players – do you A-click on attack waves or manually explode banelings and scourge? Does it make a difference?

Better to force move past the objective/attack wave and then collapse on it as otherwise Diffusion will get you.

Better yet, switch to Karax, Stukov or Abathur.

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First attempt failed… Karax P3 + Zagara (lv13) P2
My mistake was not focusing on the center. Last batch had enough shuttles getting through to fail us. Not bad for Zagara not yet at mastery though!

2nd attempt success… Karax P3 + Swann P2
I made cannons, Batts, while he made Spinning Dizzies, but later on Billy Blasters. It seems the SD do enough damage (esp. when their AoE kicks in) that they’ll die in due time. Having Recon Beam definitely went a long way towards keeping them in the fight.

I made Immortals at first, but they do too much damage, and died (this even without Shadow Cannon!), so I transitioned to Sentinels to tank ground, and Mirages to help pile on AA. What’s nice with Mirages is Phasing Armor blocks damage from Diffusion and Double Edged!

SoA upgraded to lv3 ASAP, and OS + SL were used liberally to pile on damage. Especially when enemies engaged with his Thors. He made Thors which weren’t terrible, but don’t seem that great either. OTOH, he did use Science Vessel Irradiate on Leviathons.