Co-Op Mutation #283: Out of Sight

The most frightening monsters are the ones you can’t see. Hordes of hidden infested lurk in the shadows, moving inexorably toward the evacuation shuttles. Amon’s forces are cloaked as well, and he has deployed an invisible purifier beam against you. Bring detection as well as protection.

We Move Unseen - All enemy units are permanently cloaked.
Purifier Beam - An enemy Purifier Beam moves across the map toward nearby player units.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Folly of Man] Aommaster Oil Baron
[CtG Payload Director] [Piky Tunneling Horror]
[CtG Shadow of Death] [Spohky Legendary Outlaw]
[CtG Soldier of Fortune] LLLLLLLLLL Solarite Celestial

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  • The Purifier Beam is permanent for Amon, and spawns at the start of the map. It slowly chases your units, and also [your structures].
  • The Purifier Beam is cloaked.
  • The Purifier Beams don’t damage Evacuation Ships.
  • A new Purifier Beam spawns on Brutal at 10:30 and after every 10 minutes, but they do not enter the players’ bases.
  • Time stop works on the Purifier Beams.
  • Mind control does NOT work on Purifier Beams.
  • Omega Worms and Toxic Nests are both amazing for distracting the Purifier Beams. If you are mindful of placing new ones in a place far from the active ship, you should never have to worry about them after the 2nd ship.

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Invisizombies and invisibeams.

48,117. this week 3rd.

this week 1st clear Mengsk P3+Nova P1

Mutation (Out of Sight) play list

#48 Out of Sight – SOLO ALL CLEAR

Mutators: We Move Unseen, Purifier Beam

This mutation was annoying at first, but as I’m learning to kick the F2A habit (when necessary), it gets easier. Both mutators are annoying, but manageable. Get a detector asap. Make sure you have extras with you in case they die in combat.

As for the beam, ideally, you want the area to the right of the expos to be clear. If it’s not clear, then the first beam might be a bit troublesome. For zerg commanders, you can fly an overseer past that area (whether it’s clear or not) and then patrol it in a circle in the blank space where there are two infested structures. If the area to the right is clear, you can patrol a worker instead.

The second beam comes at 10:00. You can choose to patrol another overlord/overseer or an air unit (that doesn’t attack ground) in the top right corner, but sometimes there is a small attack wave there. I’m not exactly sure when or why there are units there, but if there are, you can patrol the second unit near the first one.

The third beam comes at 20:00. Same deal as the second.

Karax can use the cannon trick (six batteries on one cannon) to trap a beam, but you have to make sure that the infested don’t interfere (my p3 run shows how I failed this). Kerrigan can use omega wurms to trap the beams. Dehaka and Zeratul can use their “free” static D to trap the beams, or at least stall them by making them move around in the area.

And remember to use the usual ME tactics: use buildings to tank for the fourth and fifth ships.

Successes [and key points]

Raynor (p1) [extra orbitals for scan]

Kerrigan (p0) [air army]

Kerrigan (p2) [Hero Only]

Kerrigan (p3) [ground army]

Artanis (p3) [dragoons]

Swann (p0) [tanks and gols]

Swann (p1) [wraiths]

Zagara (p2) [aberrations]

Vorazun (p3) [the usual invisible army]

Karax (p3) [static D, then carriers]

Karax (p2) [robo army]

Abathur (p2) [swarm hosts]

Alarak (p3) [death fleet]

Nova (p1) [bio army: pew pew]

Nova (p1) [ravens]

Stukov (p3) [overseers along the path where the infested walk]

Fenix (p1) [scouts and carriers]

Dehaka (p1) [tyrannozors and guardians]

HH (p1) [Hellbats and widow mines]

Tychus (p0) [the usual]

Zeratul (p2) [dts and cannons]

Stetmann (p3) [ultras go nom nom]

Mengsk (p2) [beefy royal guards]

Easiest: Nova, Kerrigan

Best against random AI: Nova

Proudest: Kerrigan p2

Questions about any of these runs are welcome.


Very easy. Nova P1 and Alarak P3. Two Banshe patrol so the Purifier was chasing them, not my army.

Easy going with Tychus p0 or p3. Nikara is a good choice as first outlaw since she easily outheals the beam and gives early detection.

Finished it two times on a random draw with zagara P1 and zeratul P3. This is a fun and easy one as long as your companion is able to work together and communicates well on which planes to save.

It can easily be done if the work is split with one commander kiting the beams with a couple of units and run circles all of the time, while the other one takes his time, clears the extraction points and defends with the other half idling army of the kiting one.

Only Brutal +1?
Having to lure around the beam is much more difficult than many mutations I’ve seen before with a higher rating.

Did it in Normal with Tychus P1.
Gave me an opportunity to hire Nikara, she could outheal the beam at the last ship (though she need to stay out of range of it, as she don’t heal herself), and give a little detection too (though Sirius turrets and the specter already did a good job on that).
It was hard to defeat Blightbringer with just Sirius all alone (between burrowing and invisibility once out of range of turrets, and the beam that joined the party).

I’ve found you could get the beams stuck circling around the mid expansions since they don’t travel through them. We were able to get the last 2 ships easy that way.

Ez as Kerrigan p0 with 7 omega networks and lurkers and spores for ships 3-5 :upside_down_face:

Utter cakewalk, just have Kerrigan spam Omega worms everywhere, other partner can do whatever. The worms completely screw with the zombie hordes, tank, provide attack speed/regen (via creep), and also totally stop the beams, they spend the entire time chasing down your unlimited worms.

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I had a Brutation game on MO with Purifier Beam, and 1 to 2 other Mutators (forgot which ones). I must’ve built 6 to 8 Omega Worms, and kept constantly spamming them when they went off cd! I got used to the sound of worms busting through!