Co-Op Mutation #282: The Quick and the Dead

Amon’s forces have weaponized a particularly virulent strain of infestation. Their infested move at frightening speed and rapidly proliferate disease. Hallucinogens in their blood can cause hysteria in even the most stalwart warriors. Beat back the fear, and burn out the infestation.

Speed Freaks - Enemy units have double their normal movement speed.
Black Death - Some enemy units carry a plague that deals damage over time and spreads to other nearby units. The plague spreads to your units when the enemy unit is killed.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

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  • Any enemy unit has 33% to carry black death.
  • Players units that carry this plague will lose 2% of their max HP per second until they die.
  • When any infected unit dies [player’s or Amon’s], it will spread to 3 random players’ units within 5 range.
  • Fear was the third mutator in the Editor data, but I guess they removed it.
  • Stukov’s Bunkers and Karax’s Repair Beam both out-heal the plague.
  • Malignant Creep and Stetmann’s Green Zone can both outheal black death on workers.

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Whelp, I guess a certain mutation was neither sudden, nor very inevitable.

Probably because of the amount of backend requirements for it.


47,116. this week 3rd.

this week 1st clear Nova P3+Swann P1

Mutation (The Quick and the Dead) play list

#47 The Quick and the Dead – SOLO ALL CLEAR (yes, even Zagara and Artanis)

Mutators: Speed Freaks, Black Death

To be honest, this mutation was much more fun to cheese than to play normally. Black death is just too annoying to play against.

Hidden base cheese: I learned how to do the hidden base cheese in this mutation. You clear the bottom left area during Day 2, and then build stuff outside of Amon’s vision. The attack waves at night always go towards your structures, so you have to kill them before they get close (remember that they have Speed Freaks). I have lost several times after 40+ minutes of cheesing due to mismanagement of the attack waves. SOMETIMES… the infested for some reason walk around the area near your hidden base. I’m not sure why they do that, but just pray they don’t get too close.

Float base cheese: Terrans can fly a command center to the corner (usually bottom right) and use their calldowns (or Nova) to clear the map. Swann can do this too, but his defense is so strong that it isn’t necessary. Note that the enemy comp can’t have air units.

Enemy comps with no air units (on DoN, enemy tech level only goes up to 4)

Protoss: Masters and Machines, Vanguard of Aiur, Shadow Disruption

Terran: Classic Infantry, Raiding Party, Machines of War

Zerg: Invasionary Swarm, Ravaging Infestation

If you want to play normally, you need strong defensive commanders. Here’s what I did for seven commanders who have strong defenses.

Regular play

Swann (p2) [be active with factories and the laser, even during the night]

Karax (p3) [be active with observers and solar lance, even during the night]

Abathur (p1) [5-6 full biomass swarm hosts at each entrance, then mass air]

Stukov (p0) [be careful where you put your tanks and rally your infested]

Stetmann (p1) [keep the green light on]

Zeratul (p2) [trap the artifact in the center, keep zeratul in a warp prism while waiting for the next artifact]

Mengsk (p1) [be active with ESOs at all times]

Float Base Cheese – float your command center (or other building) and use calldowns, etc. to clear the map

Raynor (p3) [get some air units just for the reduced cooldown, then clear with calldowns]

Nova (p3) [easy]

HH (p1) [be very careful not to get hit by black death]

Tychus (p2) [wreak havoc every four minutes]

Hidden Base Cheese – hide buildings outside of Amon’s vision and use calldowns, etc. to clear the map. The infested won’t know the location of your buildings, but the attack waves will, so you must stop those enemies every night.

Kerrigan (p0) [one immobilization wave during the day to clear encampments, one at night to kill the attack wave]

Artanis (p3) [solar bombardment for attack waves]

Zagara (p1) [scourge down attack waves]

Vorazun (p2) [time stop for attack waves]

Alarak (p3) [overcharge pylons when attack waves come]

Fenix (p2) [dragoon suit for attack waves, arbiter suit for offense]

Dehaka (p2) [use dehaka to stop the attack waves (must be protoss); do NOT get dakrun’s den because it gives Amon vision (somehow)]

With an ally:

Best defense: Karax, Mengsk, Zeratul

Best offense: HH, Nova, Mengsk, Zeratul

Easiest: Zeratul

Easiest cheese: Nova

Best against random AI: Zeratul, Karax, Mengsk

Proudest: Zagara

Questions about any of these runs are welcome.


Go for Mengsk for some easy win. EO should be immune and you’ll have plenty at your disposal to defend.

fun one this week, done it with abby p1, nova p3, stetmann p2, and level 10 H&H p1 so far. apart from one tychus p1, I had fairly defensive allies which helped.

I’m just sad we didn’t get that other mutation :frowning:

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Stukov P2 and Nova P1.

Time to fight Plague bearing alien infested zombies with Plague bearing alien infested zombies.

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Did quite the mistake on this one (though still won).
Did it with Alarak P3.

I thought the MS would manage to keep out of range of the illness, but completely not!
And the illness melt it at an incredible pace (maybe it would have been even worst in Hard or more).

As for Alarak himself, as usual, at some point in battle, he would disappear, then later reappear, but this time, he would come back with the flu, AIDS, COVID and Plague.
Don’t ask where he went or what he did, probably scary.

Anyway, I would recommend against this commander here, unless you enjoy being heavily burdened (some do).

Still won, but without waiting for the bonus objective.

Nothing more to say here, time to go to the “what did you discover” topic.

Does Plague only affect units and not the structure?

Yes ­ ­ ­

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For the reasons Undead described above, I didn’t dare to use Alarak P3 against Black Death.

So I went for P2 Mengsk and got a P0 Karax ally. I didn’t need to help defend with bunkers, instead I made sure to place Shock Divisions (his siege tanks) at entry points.

We had to get rid of a few plagued units, since the constant drain on my vespene gas was too much to produce any more vespene-based units at an acceptable pace. For example, you need to be careful about your tank placement at the top ramp. Too close to the road, and you’ll get plagued. So I sent three tanks and a few workers on a suicide mission.

Other than that, the usual things you can expect with Mengsk. A lot of ESOs and Zerg calldowns. Only nuked like twice the entire mission, kind of wanted to keep it for emergencies at lanes, which never happened.

Karax was sweet in the end, telling me ggwp and that I carried him, to which I replied his defense was top-notch as well.

Solved it on the second try after my probes got black death which I missed as Karax…

On the second try my teammate went Karax (Architect of War) while I went Zeratul P3 (Herald of the void). P2 would probably have been a better option but we didn’t need it. I used Zeratul as a suicide-unit only dealing damage to the colonist huts, spamming cleave in the meanwhile because he was going to die anyway. When he was about to die I spawned Zoraya’s Legion (the voidrays). As a second artifact I opted for steadfast reinforcements so I could constantly switch between zeratul and the voidrays to deal damage. We cleared it by night 4 while Karax deffed.

This isn’t Brutal +3, I got this exact mutation a week ago on the same map in Brutal +1. Easy clear Tycus P1 all of them had the plague and rattlesnake out healed it.

Went with Karax P3 and got Swann P2 as ally. It’s a good thing that I didn’t pick P1 for Karax. Otherwise it might be a bit tricky to clear the map.

My ally focused on defense so I was able to skip the cannons and spent all those resources into SoA. It was ezpz game.

yeah, I also don’t like karax p1 allies for this one. they are putting all their eggs into one basket; their cannons. p0 or p3 are far better because of the healing for both players’ mech units.

as an aside, I just had a game as p1 mengsk with a p1 abby ally. he typed something like “no gold, I go” and left the game. I looked at his base, all his drones were dead. imagine my surprise lol.

I’m like we’re only on night 2 and you’re playing freaking abby p1 with like 6 or 7 125 biomass roaches! what do you need drones for lol. after he left I used those roaches to hold an entrance almost entirely by themselves and then made swarmhosts for defense and ESOs for the objective and won with ease.

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Haha, yeah, it’s funny how some people respond to Black Death. I had a Swann ally who couldn’t defend. He said it was because his workers kept dying, but he didn’t want to remove any infected ones because he needed them for mining. :man_facepalming:

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Brutal+ missions are actually ranges.

The higher end of Brutal+1 can be the same mutators as lower Brutal+3

P3 Stukov with a P1 Zeratul ally.

Took a while but we got through it, including the bonus.

I went mass bunker. My ally tried to defend but they had a difficult time due to speed freaks allowing the enemy to quickly pile up on their cannons/walls. The stanks were really a problem.

Toward the end when multiple entrances were having issues at the same time, it was scary rallying my undead to them because I was afraid I would accidentally miss infected ones, allowing them into our base. I essentially had to save my calldowns to help my ally defend at night.

Interestingly, as a P1, I didn’t see my ally use their super cloak once.

This is a weird mutation. If you get Kaboomers this is really difficult, otherwise it’s nothing special.

Stetmann with perma green zone makes this mutation pretty chill.