Co-Op Mutation #279: The Injustice League

We are proud to present the winning entry of our first Mutation Creation contest, as designed and submitted by Saito. In this weekly challenge, vile replications of the Koprulu sector’s greatest heroes inspire Amon’s forces as they lay siege to Augustgrad. Do not back down in the face of their presence, and focus on saving the city.

Heroes from the Storm - Every attack wave will be led by a random Hero of increasing power. Each Objective point is also guarded by three random Heroes.
Inspiration - Enemy Heroic units increase the attack speed and armor of all enemies within a small range.
Hardened Will - Enemy Heroic units reduce all incoming damage to a maximum of 10 when any non-heroic enemy unit is near them.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Evolution Master] [Spohky Keeper of Shadows]
[CtG Network Administrator] [Lilarrin Rebel Raider]
[CtG Toxic Tyrant] Ancalagon Arkship Commandant
[CtG Best Buddy] WeirdOne Lone Puppy
[CtG Galactic Gunrunners] [Spohky Network Administrator]

[Reddit Post Link]

Hero Health Abilities
Raynor 1000 Penetrating Round
Tychus 1000 Shredder Grenades
Dehaka 1500 Drag, Heal, Dehaka Spawns
Karax 1500 Reclamation, spawn Cannons/Monoliths
Nova 2250 Snipe, Nuke
Zagara 2250 Mass Frenzy, Baneling Barrage, Roach Drop, Hunter Killers
Zeratul 4000 Void Armor, Shadow Blade
Artanis 4000 Astral Wind, Lightning Dash, Resurgence
Kerrigan 5000 Primal Slash, Psi Strike, Apocalypse

Wave Attack Timings

Attack Heroes
2:00 Raynor
5:00 Tychus, Dehaka
8:00 Karax, Nova
11:00 Zagara, Zeratul
14:00 Artanis, Kerrigan
17:00 3 Random
20:30 4 Random
24:30 6 Random


  • Enemy Hybrids are also considered heroic units.
  • Hardened Will is basically the hardened shields from the Wings of Liberty version of the Immortal. If your normal attack does 50 damage, it will deawl 10 damage to units with hardened will.
  • Observers do not provide heroes with hardened will, so you do not necessarily need to hunt them down.
  • Nova’s nuke hits instantly.
  • Artanis has resurgence which revives him at full health upon death; it is available every 60 seconds.

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Finishing up the map quickly will help those of you trying to do this one. If you have Fenix P2, it should counter HotS fairly easily, but do keep in mind of Hardened Will with your targeting priorities.

44,113. this week 3rd.

this week 1st clear Mengsk P3+Tychus P1

Mutation (Injustice League) play list


Another fun mutation.
There are two interesting things I found.

  1. Nova can go into Bunkers
  2. Dakrun’s (Summoning) knockback can possibly cancel out Nova’s Nuke and Kerrigan’s Apocalypse (Kerrigan is less successful).
  3. Vorazun’s Centurions can stun Kerrigan while casting Apocalypse but unable to stop Nova’s Nukes.

#44 The Injustice League 15/18 SOLO CLEAR

Mutators: Heroes from the Storm, Hardened Will, Inspiration

This was the first mutation with HftS. Because this mutation is on RtK, a strong early game is really important. The first five waves will always feature the same heroes. The ones after will be random.

2:00 – Raynor (listen for the snipe before engaging with your whole army)

5:00 – Tychus + Dehaka (be sure to bait Dehaka’s drag)

8:00 – Nova + Karax (be sure to bait Nova’s nuke)

11:00 – Zeratul + Zagara (be sure to have detection; Zeratul is strong but can’t hit air)

14:00 – Kerrigan + Artanis (be sure to bait Kerrigan’s apocalypse; Artanis has two lives)

17:00 – three heroes (always assume that there will be a nuke or apoc)

20:30 – four heroes (if you have a large air army, you can skip this one and go all in on the last shards)

24:30 – six heroes (should not fight this wave or any subsequent waves)

Hardened Will + Inspiration means that you have to kill all the weenies before going after the heroes. AOE works really well here. Focus fire weenies, even if you have to move forward and lose a few units, because if you don’t, the heroes will kill even more.

Air armies work well against the third and fourth sets of shards. In fact, you really only have to worry about attack waves; the rest is just like a regular RtK mission.

How to do the hidden base cheese for this mutation:

All attack waves go for the main except the 8:00 and 14:00 waves. For solos, the 8:00 wave will go to your expansion. You have three options.

  1. Kill Nova and Karax without letting them get close to your buildings

  2. Fly your CC away before they get there.

  3. After they destroy your natural and head towards your main, enter from the other side and build your CC/hatch/nexus.

After this, don’t let the enemy get vision of any of your structures. Use flying units to destroy the shards. Poke at units in the fourth area to lure the heroes away from the third area. Do not attack the leftmost shard in the third area when the enemies are around your main. If you do, they might fly their air units (including detectors) over your hidden base and you’ll die. To avoid this, you can take the other expo (near the first bonus), but your units will have to travel farther, which might waste time against the last set of shards.

Failures [and why I failed]

Kerrigan (p0) [dehaka will most likely kill you; if you live, you get to fight nova, who will most likely kill you; if you can get past nova, the rest should be pretty easy, but I have never gotten past nova]

Stukov (p3, p1) [p1 is better, but I wanted to try p3; hardened will and inspiration made it near impossible to kill the weenies; with p1, queens deal huge amounts of burst damage, but the fights were really unforgiving]

Tychus (p0, p1, p3) [if you mess up vs nova, she will snipe everyone to death]

Successes [and key points]

Raynor (p3) [cheesy cheese with calldowns]

Artanis (p3) [p3 is not about spamming unfound fanatics; it’s about using the 25 energy shield overcharge]

Swann (p0) [the factory is swann’s best unit; first concentrated beam is really important] https :// https :// this pic shows where to aim your crosshair at 5 min

Zagara (p3) [half cheese. zagara does really well against the first four waves, and then it’s all downhill, so I played hide and seek once again. there’s a very cool surprise tactic at the end J]

Vorazun (p3) [time stop, black hole, stasis ward]

Karax (p3) [cheesy cheese with mirages; need to stop the first three waves without wasting too many resources]

Abathur (p0) [need three brutas by 5 min]

Alarak (p3) [just dodge nova’s nuke and kerrigan’s apoc]

Nova (p1) [liberators melt the heroes; use tactical airlift to dodge nova’s nuke and kerrigan’s apoc]

Fenix (p2) [make sure you have plenty of shells for kaldalis]

Dehaka (p2) [murvar and dakrun are great vs heroes; mass creeper/swarm hosts and use spare minerals for primal wurms]

HH (p2) [cheesy cheese with wraiths]

Zeratul (p2) [+6 cannons are no joke]

Stetmann (p2) [mecha zergling lol]

Mengsk (p3) [lots of bunkers]

Easiest: Stetmann

Best against random AI: Stetmann

Proudest: all of them (first time seriously playing solo against the HftS mutator, first time using hidden base cheese on rtk)

Questions about any of these runs are welcome.


Stetmann P2 made this very easy stetling are too angry to die nova nuke and kerrigan apocalypse you can ignore it just use small number of ling againt hero wave and keep send the next group up when it ran out of egonergy so it won’t body block each other much super gary try to clear all other unit and auto attack hero with ling tank don’t upgrade the attack speed it waste egonergy just get movement and shield one that all

Super gary itself also really strong pusher P2 it even more so i’m only mix in hydralisk abit

Vorazun P1 and Fenix 6lvl. Not as difficult as I thought it would be. Maybe it’s a matter of the map. Save energy and time stop on HotS.

Vorazun and Mengsk Earthsplitters makes this a breeze

Zagara P1 in Hard. Artanis P1 as ally.
As always with Zagara, the annoyance would be air, and got an air comp to make it worse and to add to the bonus :persevere:
Still ended up as victory with all bonus gotten.

Storm Heroes: mass zerglings can stop them
Inspiration: can’t really tell the difference, was expecting heavy casualties around heroes anyway.
Hardened will: Zerglings dream of reaching 10 damage, but just hit with lower damage and high frequency, so ineffective.

Now for the heroes:
Raynor, Tychus: just got lots of HP, will fall eventually when surrounded with mass lings.
Dehaka: campaign one, so he invites clones, annoying, but didn’t really feel it if he healed others, so okay
Karax: spawn structures is annoying, but since they’re big, more lings on them, so it’s possible to get through eventually
Nova: Ok, first problem, nukes are annoying, as lings love to cuddle with the enemy, and it can be hard to separate them before it becomes…atomically hot.
Zagara: it’s annoying that she summon friends, but I didn’t really see her staying around on the battlefield, maybe she lack hp for that.
Zeratul: *blink* *blink* *blink* hahaha I’m out of range of detectors *blink* *blink* *blink* hahaha I’m out of range of detectors…high damage of dark templar is irrelevant to lings, but how annoying can that dude be.
Artanis: Healer, high HP, reviving, will keep the army busy for a while
Kerrigan: Last long, can get paste lings with her { not jump, the other skill }, must make sure she’s down before moving forward.

For 2nd bonus, got my corruptors to follow my ally observer in a blind spot of enemy defense, and there they and spawned dragoons defeated the thing.

I think that post is already too long, won’t try to think of more to say.

Seems like the best way to approach this is get a sacrificial unit/s to bait the ability and then move in with your army.

My congragulations for making a nice new mutation who actually does offer some variety :slight_smile: .

Vorazun P1 and Tychus make this a breeze: Put the points into shadowguard +60sec, initial and maximum spear of adun energy +90 (black hole can be spammed this way), and black hole duration +60%.

We solved waves 1 and 2 with my ally Tychus soloing them and me spamming black hole, while I was teching up to mass DT vs protoss ground (colossus-immortal). On wave 3 and 4 we used blackhole only once because our DPS was high enough. Wave 5 we used timestop. Wave 6 at the 20 minute mark we could ignore because there was only one void rift left.

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Stetmann P1 and Artanis ally:

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Did it as Vorazun p1 and a very good p3 kerrigan. I handled very early, then our cc was too much for the waves to handle. Got both bonuses.

Did it as Alarak P3 with a Dehaka P2, hairy at one point but we pushed through once our army started sticking around.

Brutal +6 stacked on top of Injustice League.

Heroes from the Storm - Every attack wave will be led by a random Hero of increasing power. Each Objective point is also guarded by three random Heroes.
Inspiration - Enemy Heroic units increase the attack speed and armor of all enemies within a small range.
Hardened Will - Enemy Heroic units reduce all incoming damage to a maximum of 10 when any non-heroic enemy unit is near them.
Black Death - Some enemy units carry a plague that deals damage over time and spreads to other nearby units. The plague spreads to your units when the enemy unit is killed.
Minesweeper - Groups of Widow Mines and Spider Mines are buried throughout the battlefield.
Blizzard - Storm clouds move across the map, damaging and freezing player units in their path.
Self Destruction - Enemy units explode and deal damage to friendly player units upon death.

This is 34 difficulty pts on the scoring system, making it effectively a Brutal +10!!

Here’s Eddie’s view:

My own video will come out tomorrow.


My first thought on strategy is to go Mengsk P1 with probably a CO that can CC or back up against the heroes (in case Mengsk fails). Perhaps a Karax to compliment and allow the EO to survive Blizzard.

Had two bad allies the first two attempts, got it on the third with Alarak P3 (Ascendants) and Abathur P2 (Swarm Hosts only). Honestly, between the fodder of the Swarm Hosts, and Ascendant spells, it was actually fairly easy, minus the unit lag. Heroes were chumps, even with the composition being Shadow Tech, lol.

Nova’s nuke doesn’t hit instantly. You can easily kill her between launching the nuke and starting to fall down. About 5 seconds between the two.

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very fun and hard mut for p2 tychus. sirius sam nux then nikara. set up turret, tychus / nux aoe and sam snipes heroes. did 77% with both bonus, ally swann helped 1st wave and shoot drill + bot only. His units just camp at home. I find p2 easier than others p, coz nux can solo clear all waves, making the heroes vulnerable and died from 1 sam charge.

I would like to know how, especially considering Nova has 2250HP and is protected by Hardened Will mutation.