Co-Op Mutation #198: Getting Along

Enemies are immune to all attacks of one commander, but not both. Terry says that’s unscientific. What is scientific is that the catastrophe has created a shortage that forces the commanders to share what limited supply they have.

Sharing is Caring - Supply is shared between you and your partner, and units from both armies contribute to your combined supply cap.
Polarity - Each enemy unit is immune to either your units or your ally’s units.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG (Zeratul)] Ancalagon (Vorazun)
[CtG (Arcturus)] Ancalagon (Karax)
[CtG (Alarak)] Ancalagon (Stukov)
[CtG (Abathur)] Ancalagon (Zagara)
[CtG (Nova)] Ancalagon (Stetmann)
[CtG (Kerrigan)] Ancalagon (Fenix)
[CtG (Dehaka)] [Hunter (Raynor)]
[CtG (Tychus)] [Hunter (Swann)]

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Other Notes:

  • The actual supply of both commanders are added. However, the supply limit is still individual for each commander. This means each player keeps the original supply cap, but must now accommodate both their supply and their ally’s.
  • Commanders with 100 supply cap retain the 100 supply cap. They will NOT be able to produce any supply-consuming units if their ally goes above 100 supply, for as long as the ally is over 100 supply.
  • Commanders with instant max supply perks like Artanis and Dehaka retain their perks.
  • Half of every single attack wave and every base is immune to your or your ally. This means you cannot split between separate attack waves; both need to attack the same location simultaneously.
  • Enemies with the red shield are immune to your attacks. Another way to figure out which units are yours before engaging is to mouse over the enemy unit:
  • Immobilization Wave, Time Stop, and other movement/attack restricting spells still work on enemy units immune to you, but they deal 0 damage.
  • You can manually target the enemy units immune to you, but it will do 0 damage.

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Sharing is Caring? no problem.
but. i hate Polarity …

#198 Mutation Getting Along play list…


Polarity? Sharing is Caring? AND Vermillion Problem? Oh goodie, all my favorite things! /s

Just missing Microtransactions.

Skipping this week. Nothing about this looks fun at all.


Finally a challenging weekly mutation, its been months.


Tychus/ nova, pretty ez.

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Little emotional tonight arent you? What’s got you so stressed out today and acting like an edgelord?


I don’t think that is what he meant with polarity being hard. I can handle any mutation, but always struggle with polarity - mostly, because attacking at the same place at the same time almost never happens in my games. People are really used to “I defend, you attack” kind of play. It’s usually better for the game if each player acts on his own. It’s less crowded and the mission is finished faster.

With polarity you have to stick together no matter what. That requires both players to be completely aware of the situation and act on attacking waves asap. And that’s the main problem, getting paired with the right person.

I used to try to direct my co-players, but usually people just don’t react… I figured out that the best way to play polarity is to just follow your partner. Nova’s teleport works great as it transfers your ally’s forces as well as yours.


Huh… it HAS been a while since we got Polarity. Big difference this time around is I have the full compliment of COs to pick from. Not just Swann and Karax, so at least I’ll have variety this time.

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Went Tychus, got a Zeratul partner… and I’m World’s Worst Tychus. Still managed to make it though. As bad as it was.

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EZ Clap mutation with a competent ally. Played Dehaka to two wins with Tychus and Zeratul. Let your 100 supply partners max out with minimal (14/21 and 3/3 on both vespene) saturation with Dehaka / pack leader solo and then built mutas in the late game. Communicate with pings where you want to go and respond to all attack waves as a team.


Pretty easy brutation because there are no actual enemy buffs.

I have a regular co-op partner with Discord so this felt almost like a normal co-op game.

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Beat it with Kerrigan (me) and Tychus ally.

I just spam Nydus Worm with hydralisk support and both of us just stick together on doing everything together. It is even easier when you have Nydus scattered around the map for fast travel and defend the attack wave.

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I just did the mutation with tychus and the shared supply it wasn’t letting us build the my friend who was playing tychus build or me build becuase it was only showing me my supply and the same was true for my friend so when we hit 100 supply he couldn’t build any more units.

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same here, did mutation with ally Mengsk, and i could only get 25 scvs and 2 outlaws, Tychus and another one. Even though the shared supply was something like 50/100 in the begining and at the end something like 140/200, i just couldn’t make any more units. This mutation is bugged for this case.

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Your 100 supply has to accomodate both yours and ally units; see OP.

Yeah, I was Karax, my Tychus ally said he wasn’t able to create anymore outlaws, nor even revive them!

There is no bug; that’s how Sharing is Caring works. Your Mengsk ally had 140/200, but you had 140/100; you were over your supply cap, so you couldn’t train any more units (that includes reviving outlaws; that take 10 supply each).

It’s really your fault for playing Tychus during Sharing is Caring without a plan with your partner to begin with :v


Btw, no one has mentioned it on this thread so, PSA:

If you hover over your supply counter, the split it gives you for army + workers is your army + your workers (even with this mutation). So you and your ally can see how much supply each of you is consuming, with some quick math.

Eg. If you see a 170/190 supply, the split in the hover would actually show you something like 75 army & 25 workers, meaning you’ve used 100 supply in total, and the remaining 70 is from your ally’s usage. (The 190 is from your depots/pylons/overlords; or you are provided max supply.)


So to clarify, Tychus/Karax team. Tychus gets his “free max 100 supply”, Karax build his full 200 supply (combined cap 300).
As long as the supply used > 100, Tychus is “banned” from building any more units even though Karax has enough supply to provide for “his half” of the army?

No, there is no combined supply cap, just combined supply cost.

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