Co-Op Mutation #179: Endless Sparkles

Sulfur and other volatile substances that flow in the mines have turned your enemies rapid. They charge at you relentlessly and explode upon death. Before fleeing, you must help the civillian miners get off world.

Alien Incubation - All enemy units spawn Broodlings upon death.
Self Destruction - Enemy units explode and deal damage to friendly player units upon death.

Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG (Zeratul)] Ancalagon (Vorazun)
[CtG (Dehaka)] Iswald (Han and Horner)
[CtG (Tychus)] Iswald (Stukov)
[CtG (Fenix)] Iswald (Karax)
[CtG (Alarak)] Espurr (Zagara)
[CtG (Nova)] Espurr (Kerrigan)
[CtG (Artanis)] [Hunter (Stetmann)]
[CtG (Abathur)] Hunter (Raynor)
[CtG (Swann)] TheGrandMast (Zeratul)

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  • The number of broodlings spawned depends on the supply count of the unit killed.
  • Alien Incubation will not make buildings that normally do not spawn broodlings do so when killed.
  • Units that get killed leave small red circles where self-destruction explodes after two seconds.
  • The number of circles depends on the supply count of the unit killed.
  • Infested and Broodlings also self-destruct.

Commander of the Week:
Mutation difficulty:
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Kerrigan: Lurker and Nydus, Nydus in front, lurker behind. If you have enough lurkers, they will not reach you.
Swann: Need another layer of Perdition Turrets and more Tanks.
Vorazun: Place Dark Pylon and Structures to block the ship. Use mainly Corsair and Oracle to kill any detectors and air units, then cast Disruption Web and Statis Ward but not killing any infested. They will burrow after ship launches.
Nova: Nova herself in Assult mode with Raven and Liberator support should be enough.
Stukov: Bunker + Tank
Dehaka: Every low HP infested devoured will repleish your HP. Use Guardian for killing.
Tychus: Finally a perfect map for Blaze.
Zeratul: Monolith is the may infested killer. Adds Disruptor and Sentry. Projected Cannon is only good for tanking.
Stetmann: Though his lurkers have less range, they always keep at full HP. Adds MBL or a few other ground units if you solo a ship because some tough enemy may go to attack the ship directly if your lurkers cannot kill the fast enough.


Stetmann green zone. goood~

#179 Mutation Endless Sparkles play list…

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Kerrigan broodlords ?

Lurkers will do the job way better.

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Tychus swann, ez bruta

That’s barely even a mutation.

It’s like missing the first ship and then doing the it All while letting the ships get panicked. And while tired

why are some so hard like hell train with polarity or temple of past with heros, and this is like a normal mission.

There’s never been any ounce of balance or aim with mutation. Almost 180 weeks later and we are still in the same boat. Just every so often a few more junk (new mutators) get picked up, haha.

Good one to grind brutation achievement, I guess.


3 Losses.

  1. Ally went early ship start happy. Didn’t work out.
  2. Enemies attacked the first ship really early due to us having a Stetmann player or something. I have no idea, first ship died before heroes were out basically. Just ended up leaving
  3. Ally left pretty early (he complained of lag) so I was solo Fenix. Lost with like one minute left on ship 5. Too bad.

Hopefully someone releases a solo video. I’m pretty sad this is taking so many tries for me when everyone else is calling this easy

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Had a Nova partner who ate this up with nearly 3000 kills; Liberators and Siege Tanks cleaned up everything. Poor old me as Tychus took a back seat with only 1000 kills.

I actually found this one harder than last week’s Brutation. In Shining Bright I could solo as Zeratul with mass cannons and a moderate ground army. But this week I needed at least an average ally to take some of the Self Destruction heat off.

Okay turns out this Brutation is very easy with Stetmann lurkers and overcharged green Stetzones

Kerri mains with a… slow partner need to go Worm Wall. Otherwise, the standard Lurker defense will suffice.

Completed this brutation using Artanis on the first try on both my main (EU) and secondary (NA) accounts. Pretty easy with his passive :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:

For Artanis, are Reavers necessary, or would zlot+goons suffice?

As someone where HARDtation is hit or miss, I’ve had a few Brutations where I thought I accidently selected Normal or even Casual. Nope! It was the real deal! Admittedly, having a good Abathur player helped in one case. I’m kicking myself for not repeating those more and more (back then, I didn’t “read” the description to note that it’s Mission count. As opposed to the other one that’s number of bounties. Oh well.

I could use more mission counts for my Mutation achievements (especially Brutal), so I’ll consider grinding a few towards that!

Did it easily with Tychus multiple times now. Didnt bother recruiting Blaze, he soaks all the sparkles, so I went for range. First ship can be tough, I went Rattlesnake first for heal + dps. Later on got Nikara for easy lazy afk mode. With upgrades those explosions merely tickle the outlaws. Tychus and Nux are fine for killing all them infested.

First try with Nova/Stetman, mostly Nova and super Gary competed for most kills, sadly Gary won (900 to 1080).

I went for Raven/tank/lib and some marines/ghosts (hate those banshees). Stetmann went lurkers and greenzone. We lost a ship to an attack wave cause we started it a bit early, and missed an attack wave going for another ship…

Early game is rough, late is a breeze.
Overal a fun mutations, but harder then expected after all the posts here :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

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Super easy as Kerri. Tried using lurkers without the mastery, so that was hard, but the fifth wave destroyed everything because there were so many sparkles in was cool but sad to see everything die.