Co-op Mission Update - June 13th, 2019


I was thinking a tip in the bottom-right, as in the campaign, with a short description (e.g., “Terran Shadow Tech”) that appears as a label and then a longer description (listing the units and suggesting counters, warning you to get detection, or whatever) when you click it. Easily dismissed by right-clicking the icon.

Alternatively, use the commander voice lines with subtle modification. Raynor: “Looks like we’re facing (Robot Voice) :parking: 🆁 :o2: 🆃 :o2: 🆂 🆂 :a: 🅸 🆁 (/Robot Voice).”


I’m not opposed to brutal becoming harder, but we wont be getting any increase in XP with these changes either?


I’m pretty sure the main point here was just a straight difficulty increase as requested by many forum users. It’s also probably meant to discourage people from queuing into higher difficulties than they can handle. If you can’t handle Brutal with these changes, then don’t queue brutal. The majority of the player base doesn’t care about XP anymore unless they’re leveling a new commander.


Thank you for the update, monk.
Appreciate it.

Fun times ahead with these changes.
Fast zerglings with fast attack caught my special attention.
Commanders (especially slow moving ones) might find themselves out of position more often.
Curious to see how players will overcome this.


I hope this means that Defilers will be added to co op in the BW comps. That way we can mind control them and finally use them.


Somehow I have a feeling it won’t discourage players from queuing Brutal but will simply make carrying harder. I’m a skeptic though.


Nice to hear, about some tweakings in Amon AI, especially new 6 waves. In this case wanna ask about another nice solution, similar to these.
Terran’s nuclears. The Amon send them only at few maps. Can you fix it and make the passes at all maps? Also wanna some analogue of this in zerg and protoss comps. Maybe some nyduses, with warning earthquakes and idk some dark templars diversions (with blink), composed with one observer so they can come from unexpected angle (like repears does). What do you think?

Also as for me, i wanna some “life” at enemy bases, so they’ll send small attack waves, or gathering minerals. And clearing the whole map will make more sense and pleasure. That’s my thoughts)


It’s worth noting that combat shield’s +10 hp gives marines 55 total hp. A lot of AoE abilities do 50 damage, such as alarak’s destruction wave and karax’s orbital strikes, so this is a pretty big threshold
Stimpack also affects firebats which we could see with new BW infantry comp
Concussive shells slows in AoE. Very big factor for early-game zagara and stukov especially. Depending how quickly Amon researches it, it might make hero play in the early game significantly harder vs terran.
Adrenal glands is SIXTY PERCENT more attack speed. Arguably the biggest damage upgrade in the game.
Muscular augments in coop/campaign also gives +1 range to hydralisks.
Extended thermal lance would increase colossus range by 3, cuz they have 6 by default in coop/campaign.


I mean, sure why not? Increase xp gain for easy/normal and decrease it for brutal. My favourite part of co-op is levelling up, personally…


Personally I anticipate some mild discouragement mixed with an increase in the difficulty of carrying. Probably heavier on the carrying side, but surely SOME people will get the message that they’re not good enough.


Some nice news for regular Co Op missions! I am happy to see this.

Personally don’t think that we need that last one, but I’ll be happy to make that compromise if it means we get stronger base units from the AI.


I’m curious how much harder this will make the game. At first glance, I think solo carrying regular brutal will still be a cakewalk. Mutators are another story, though… I think some will be significantly harder.

Also, I really like the enemy composition being listed on the screen.


So there will be Dragoon in new comp.


Meanwhile, the stealth buff to some compositions gets swept under the rug of this new update lol.


Great news!

It’s getting boring to one base maps with one hand. Might actually have to max out my own army for a change.


Make Brutal, Brutal!

It’s not hard to spice up Brutal that much. Something as simple as adding a possible small quiet wave from a new spot of the map going directly to your main mineral field will put anyone on their toes and be more excited/challenged. A science vessel on Oblivion express heading to the main mineral fields on top of the map, with just a few siege tanks shortly behind it, will make people create entire defense networks up there or realize that they are actually surrounded instead of having some, powerless, neutral, enemy base to their right.

Increased paths like that at random would at least keep people from finding reasons to feel dull.


Nice changes, it should make things a little less stagnant.


Very excited about this one. People levelling up could play on Normal, if it weren’t for the incredibly slow game speed.


I can already see bunch of people complaining viper+zerglings in the late game, there is no real counter against it (because vipers counter the counters against zerglings, and it is nearly impossible to stop enemy spellcasters before they fire their spells for most commanders). Once amon get ling upgrades I think 80% of all viable compo will just fall apart, that mutations under this enemy compo may just become impossible to beat, as some mutations also limit the compo you can use.


Amon is already researching very nasty stuff, like irradiate against Zerg, and blinding cloud or mass storm against Terran. As long as the tier 3 upgrades kick in reasonably late, and we don’t face fully upgraded cracklings at the 6 minute mark, I don’t really see what difference this will make.
I think the changes are a step in the right direction, but after releasing stupidly overpowered commanders like Tychus and Zeratul, there is nothing you can bring in non-mutation Brutal that won’t instantly get wrecked. Do you honestly think that the 10 HP combat shield will be noticeable when they eat a shredder grenade?
If you want to improve the Brutal experience, really toning down the OP commanders (Abathur, Nova, Dehaka, Tychus, Zeratul) would be a much better place to start. They simply have too many tools at their disposal to be challenging in the hands of a good player. I play the commanders at random, and I’m genuinely disappointed when I roll a Tychus or Zeratul, since they’re so brainless to play, whereas a Raynor or Alarak makes me smile, since they actually feel like I’m playing Starcraft.