Co-op Kerax feedback

Hello all,

I`ve been having fun with Kerax for a while now and I got a couple of thoughts/feedback for him.
I hope some will consider useful too.

  1. Blizz, can you please change the skin of the Immortal to resemble the texture of the other units (Zealots, Colossus…etc). It stands out, in a bad way, the way it’s now (the default skin of an Immortal).
  2. Normally, when a Protoss commander finishes warping in a Nexus the Chrono is cast automatically but not for Kerax. Not much of an issue here but I just want to see it in line with the others.
  3. As we all know, Kerax is a kinda “late” commander and one that depends on Mirages, Orbital Strikes for air defence. What would you say if he would get a Gateway unit that can target air also with the Energizers? Like a robotic version of the Adept for example. This will make Kerax more “friendly” to the early game.
  4. Another thing that I find it strange, is that Kerax is the tech boy of all Protoss, he knows better all the technology…how come HE…does not have automatic refinery? Again this is not a problem but if you think of the story behind him…this little fact kinds does not make any sense (and yes I know it is for balancing issues…but still :sweat_smile:).

Hope this little feedback is useful.
Good luck all.


The other Immortal skins are already in use, so no.

This is a bug unique to Karax. It affects all Commanders’ 2nd and later Nexi. Something weird with Chrono Field, I think.

Fenix already has it. While I agree he needs more ground-to-air, I’m not sure what we can give him.

I can only guess it’s because Vorazun got it.

Cool idea, but for development cost reasons it’s probably not going to happen.

Yes, the fact that we are still waiting for this bug fix is rather shameful.

I’d say there’s got to be a better solution than that.

Because that is a utility ability and, at least conceptually, Karax’s entire kit screams raw power. Build bigger health pools, build armies and walls faster, and shoot space lasers harder. Not, let’s free up a few probes when it’s basically irrelevant because we have 3 different types of chrono to get those probes faster.

Yes on the first two! Absolutely! No on the second two and here is why.

  1. Karax doesn’t need a Stalker type unit. Energizers can steal any attacking air mechanical unit, that could mean a Banshee that could mean a Carrier. They are just fine as anti-air against anything except Zerg units, that’s where Mirages come in, they are PERFECT against anything Zerg can throw at you. Understanding that is how to succeed as Karax.

  2. Auto-refineries are Vorazun’s thing. When Blizz was designing the OG Co Op Commanders they didn’t want their perks overlapping. Vorazun requires a TON of gas to make any of her playstyles work. That’s why she has auto-refineries and Artanis and Karax don’t. It’s intended. Karax doesn’t need a super high amount of gas, in fact depending how you play him, minerals are in much higher demand.

He doesn’t need auto-refineries. Vorazun does.

I really don’t know how others play Kerax but for me, he is synonym to GAS.
Every game I max my production of gas and continue with the rest and every game I end up starving for gas and tons of minerals.
I don`t play him tower defence, I really dislike that so for me makes more sens an option for some more gas.
Ok, Vorazun needs also a lot of gas…but I think Kerax needs more.

Another idea could be REFINED GAS…like in Wings of Liberty, this was not implemented on any other commander.

Also, you said that they did not want overlapping…what about Nova`s refineries?

Regarding the “stalker” type units because Energizers are quite expensive at first and have low damage. Also, a unit like that can make for a possible ground gateway build (Zealots, Energizers, Something). But it is just an idea.

Best advice I can give is to learn how to use your minerals more efficiently. Well placed Photon Cannons and Shield Batteries can be SUPER cost effective. Sentinels when researched are in my opinion the best mineral dump in the game.

Your gas units are not your ONLY units. Get value out of your minerals too!


Best thing you can do is cut out all the unnecessary upgrades until you have a critical mass of units. For immortal build, you only really need weapons upgrade, shadow cannon, and first 2 solar efficiency upgrades. Once you have those and 6+ immortals (or however many you need to comfortable contribute to objective), you can start putting gas into other things like energizers or stargate tech.

Also, minimize production structures. You will only ever be able to afford production off 1-2 robos or stargates.

I wouldn’t mind the skin change or bug fix or increased gas harvest. I suggested a while ago that each solar efficiency upgrade increases the amount of gas mined by 1. Karax doesn’t need a new unit though.

Is the Adun Immortal suitable?

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I’ve never really paid attention to the accuracy of skins. Yes, I do notice some colors and patterns, like Vorazun being purple, and Alarak has that lovely shade of “blood red”. But even then, I use them more to help me recognize who my allies when looking through my list of replays (in the game, their fonts are color coded to match the CO).

As an extreme example, I would be bothered if any of the races had hot pink colors with purple stripes

Someone mentioned this is related to the interaction with Karax’ Chrono Field, which would explain why it only happens with him, but I haven’t noticed it as a non-Karax player since I often do NOT get Karax allies (let alone when I’m another P CO)

I wouldn’t mind this, but I can understand why they don’t/won’t. It really is part of who he is.

On a related note, I’d like it if Nova could make duplicate production buildings, but managing her limited charges and cd’s for making units IS part of her weakness.

HH not have an AG tower is part of them, and you’re expected to utilize MM instead

Zagara not having a permanent unit that can do both AG and AA. The only 4 things she has that can do both are herself, her summoned HKs, Queens, and Bile Launchers. Ofc, Queens are too slow off creep

We’ve gotten to the point where we may be overplaying the “he’s a phase smith/ Protoss engineer” card too much (and believe you me, I’m also “guilty as charged”).

As mentioned in another post, Vorazun REALLY needs that gas. Her “power units”, DTs and Stalkers are relatively squishy. They can’t really go toe-to-toe with the more power comps. She relies on Time Stop, Black Hole, Emergency Recall, and stealth to extend the life of her units. Her Centurions are tanky and cost no gas, but don’t have as high DPS.

Other COs getting automated refineries I’m sure have their reasons. Zeratul getting them since lore-wise, Xel Naga tech should be high tech, while Nova is special forces. Both units are expensive. Yes, there are 3 others, but I suspect they (devs and community alike) really do want to draw the line there.

It isn’t “a crime” to play him without his towers. I’ve actually had Karax allies who never made one, single, tower. However, that was on Cradle Of Death where 1) that is a mission where offensive towers aren’t great since you lose them anyways (except for the last section in which case the game will be over and it won’t matter anyways), and 2) this guy REALLY had his stuff down. Like, he was pushing like Artanis! :open_mouth:

However, that is one of his strengths, and it’s worth utilizing to full effect. Plus, making Cannons and Shield Batteries on the go is something much appreciated by all other Protoss COs to warp in closer to the action. Shield Batteries are also utilized by Zeratul.

Completely false.

Karax anti-air is thus:

Sentry mind control.

Orbital Strike.

Shadow Cannon Immortals.

Sentry tickle cannon.

If you’re using mirages on Karax, you’re bad, and you should feel bad. Never build air units with Karax.

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Then I guess I am bad for having fun with Sentinel/Mirage/Energizer. Especially on Void Launch.


Mirage just don’t die anymore, honestly for any non-mech target they are just the best these days.


Kerax? New commander, cool


This is gold. Many forget that protos units have shields. Batteries restore shields. Units with shields do not die. Simple sequence.

Useful for all protos army based comps. Unless your protos ally doesn’t know what a battery is and purposefully stays out of range and dies and blames you for not contributing.

False. Black death doesn’t hurt shields.

I have already suggested in a different topic to give the energizers split damage. One for ground and one for air and make air stronger.

Nova has auto-refineries, because she has 100 supply cap, I think.

This wouldn’t make much sense, as Energizers are supports with tickle beams. Even then, they are INCREDIBLY fragile and gas heavy. They would lose to Zerg air any day of the week.

What about giving them for example air damage 20 (35 vs biological)? Ground damage could remain the same as it is now.

Maybe. I’m not 100% sure on that. It would help vs Zerg, but you better be on top of those Reclaims!

Hey man I agree with you. Playing Army Karax is a really fun way to play him. However, many commanders are AND SHOULD be designed to be bottle-necked in gas production. This gives Swann a huge added utility as a support for two player teams, which is a major role of his. In your defense I will say this: if Swann is to Terrain and Karax is to Protoss, then who else could possibly fill the role of gas or mineral support in Co-op? Can there only be one?

Kerrigan has assimlation aura. That’s pretty good for generating resources given good use.