Co-op Afkers all we have left?

Does anyone do co op these days or is it all just bots and afkers? Tried 5 games tonight and not a single player. Okay I take that back…one guy playing Tycus just walks over to my base and destroys it before I even had units up.
How can I report these guys?


just uninstall 20 char


Bots in Co-op? What?? I’ve never seen a bot ever & i’m almost 500 Ascension. Also I barley ever get these Afk’s in co-op. Maybe one in like 100 games & its not league so who cares just leave & start a new game it’s not like you lose mmr at all. By the time you go threw all the hassle to report one (which Blizz won’t do a single thing about if the report is even read anymore) you could have gotten into a new game anyways. :smiley:


This isnt even the coop board. Youd have better luck asking coop players in the coop forums.


Thank you for the informative response DonDadda. I appreciate it

I will try again. I was playing later at night so the player count may have been low.

That other two posts are not showing this games community in a great light

How isnt what i said helpful to you and showing the games community in a bad light. There is a specific forum for coop, where you find other coop players to talk about your problems and help you better with what you need. General forums are more or less ladder people.

Niynn - I think there’s a report option when you click on their name. You can at least block them.

I’m betting the problem is your time zone. When I log into the game it usually takes 1 minute to get a match and I rarely get afkers or bots, but not even sure how I would identify a bot. There’s no real reason to bot in co-op, it’s not like the game has any kind of MMO value to raising your level.

I do tend to block players in the beginning of the match because I don’t like chat. It would be better if they had an option to just turn all chat off - most of the chat is not helpful, all you need is pings.

In terms of time zones, remember you can create an account on any of the 3 time zones, America, Europe or Asia. Which time zone are you in? Make sure you are playing in the time zone that is the daytime or evening. If you are trying to get matches at like 1AM - 8AM, you are probably getting someone who is drunk, high or has insomnia and doesn’t really want to play lol.

Check your time zone.