Click play then stuck at login screen!


When I click play on starcraft ii rather than take me to the main campaign, versus etc page it brings me to a login page. The login page on the left is filled in, but there is an empty box on the right. I can change and edit it the left side with regions etc. I am able to switch regions which then prompts a login; however, when i log in nothing happens it just stays on that screen regardless of region. If i change regions after log in, it just provides the same prompts. North America is region i am in but none work.

I could not find the regions.xml in the forums to change and I recently booted up starcraft after about a year. I have tried erasing and reloading, doing firewall changes (though not super tech savvy so not sure if i have done everything correct, and doing launch as administrator. Sometimes it works and sometimes i keep getting the above so not sure what is happening or what I am changing. I am currently using hotel ethernet and wifi.

Any help appreciated.

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