Clan Daily Life Recruiting Players Interested in 1v1 Leagues/Tournaments

Hey there! Like the title says NA based clan Daily Life (dLife) is recruiting for players that are interested in competing in league/tournaments/clan wars such as Chobo Team League (Bronze/Gold-Masters), Validity Team League (Plat and Diamond) and higher ranked leagues such as Allin-in TheNydus (diamond/master), and Alpha TL (masters+).

If you’re currently flying solo, and are looking for a low-key community to play with, get help improving, and/or compete in amateur leagues feel free to join our discord https:// and message me when you get in (discord name: icED) so I can get you set up. Or at least just post something in our public channel.

We don’t have any strict rules or mandatory events. We just encourage and help our members participate in competition while doing impromptu internal events and tournaments open to everyone in the clan for some small cash prizes. We’re not the type of clan that’s going to bother and bog you down with things you don’t feel like doing. We just provide you with opportunities to compete in fun stuff if you want.

The only requirement is that we ask that you do join the discord, and try and check every once in a while at least otherwise it’s really difficult otherwise to communicate events and stuff.

We are recruiting for ALL ranks right now but platinum and diamond is in particularly high demand.

We have awesome and friendly players at or near GM level to help you learn and improve. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions first, or just pop into our discord and hit me up. Thanks!

hey im interested add me leocast#11554

HI, I’m interested! My discord is Younglin#3079 and Battletag is Younglin#1586 !
The link didn’t work for me but I hope you guys are still recruiting :slight_smile:

I am intrested in joining also my discord is Blak Cobra#0993