Carriers are broken

Carriers AI is broken(confirmed in the unit tester). Even if attacking units are in range of the carriers(not even just the interceptors leash, which should be what matters anyways) carriers will attack overlords sometimes rather than the attacking units which should have higher priority, this is normal carrier range, not leash or vision range. Test it out for yourself.

Come on blizzard. We know you want only Terran and Zerg to compete(judging by balance) but this is a complete joke. I am extremely surprised no pro has noticed this. I guess Protoss just doesn’t whine, we just try to win despite the balance/bug obstacles.


bring back graviton catapult


Also this. Marines should not wreck the best protoss capital ship easily. That is dumb.


unfortunately, when blizzard removed graviton catapult, the reasoning was that they wanted marines to fare better vs carriers…


Which is why I pointed at marines…Even with it marines do well enough fully upgraded with stim + medivac support.


WAKE UP DEVS, time to fix something


No carrier are the reason multi 2v2 3v3 4v4 is so annoying to play. I’d rather see the dev fixe this bronze 3 mmr before seasons lockdown

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You are a bad player, stop cluttering this actually important post kthx.

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You mean battlecruisers* Not carriers. Carriers are inferior to there BC counterpart since the carrier nerf.


We speak about 1vs1 mode not some 4vs4 so bring back catapult


BC always be counter even witch catapult since 10+ year toss not have counter BC cause tempest garbage for he s overkill and supply cost

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Please stop cluttering this post. It is not about Graviton Catapult it is about a serious AI bug. Go start another post about graviton noobs ffs.

KEK How can you tell I m bad I m curious :slight_smile:
Carrier does not need a buff.

Raven if it is not about the bug stop posting seriously.

You really bad if you say carrier not need buff know why? cause bio ball can kill unit who cost 250 gas bio ball where 1 unit cost scv and have dps more then tier 3 unit is absurd

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If you post again that is not on this topic, I will report all your posts for off-topic spam along with Maladie’s

Wait where you see bug? All what need do bc cast yamato at all to counter carrier

Read the original post you absolute ignoramus


I read it still here i hear bring back old carrier so i agree witch that

Obviously you don’t understand the attack priority of army units. They are always suppose to prioritize other attacking units in range. The carriers however do not. Please stop posting as you are clearly just degrading the conversation.