Capital Ships vs Primal Kerrigan

Alternatively, she could not intentionally ask for trouble and just kill him since its within her power, and then she actually knows that for a fact.

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Rationally, I don’t think she should waste too much time on Mengsk. There isn’t much direct gain to be have. At least, not personally. It does benefit her ‘friend’ greatly, though.

However, emotionally, Kerrigan was pissed at herself or something about her current situation and the betrayal. Mengsk is a fine scapegoat for that. Additionally, I think she just need focus; something to pass the time and justify her murdering spree. I mean if not going after Mengsk what’s else?

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Considering how many pods she wasted in the invasion, one may argue she would have more ressources at her disposal against Amon by not killing Mengsk, and the only trouble Mengsk gave her was when she tried to kill him, an even better reason to not kill him at the moment.

Remind me to never allow Spirit’s infestation.

Anywaya’ ever since you introduced me to the assassination argument, I can’t unsee it.

Don’t worry. I need to hunt down Gradius first, then you!

I am easy to spot. I am probably 30 centimetres taller than you at least.

You remind me of DJ Karl SMORC song.
Which was funny until Demon Hunter rolled in. Don’t tell me you like Illidan :confused:

@Brother Bifrost

I’m about 160 cm tall, though.

@Brother Marsaro

I don’t really get that reference. I have a so so feeling toward Illidan. It’s Maiev that I like.

Please remember that I don’t play WoW.

Make it 35 then.

Ilidan was added to Hearthstone and it’s all just straight up aggression.

Wow, you’re very tall.

Anyway, I stop playing HearthStone for so long now. I was about to go back, but then Blitzchung happens…

Now, I’m playing exclusively Faeria when it comes to card game. Seriously, though, you should try it. It pay to play, but the price is reasonable.

P.S. it’s actually more than 35 cm. I just feel like I have put a lot of personal information on the Internet lately, sorry.

As Bifrost said, Illidan and the DH class was added to HS last week, and they are so obnoxious they were nerfed 2 days after release and will get nerfed not long after.
The song I was mentioning is an old memetic 2015 song which was about Face Hunter being a retard deck only going face.
Most famous line was “If the face plays taunt, me still go face” which back then was a reference to the deck being braindead.
It was funny back in the days, especially in the last years when direct damage was not printed making a face deck resurgence more unlikely, and cards like Leeroy Jenkins getting HoF.
Then DH had a legendary which not only had Charge, but also had the effect of nullifying the opponent’s taunt minions. What was once a joke became real, and it’s not funny.

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As a side effect, it made Warlock use 2 Sacrificial Pact, as a result Galakrond Warlock (the only deck that can spawn garbage demons regularly to make use of Sac Pact efficiently even against non-DH decks) is Tier 1 right now.
And the devs have stated that Sac Pac will get nerfed soon. That’s right, DH made a previously garbage card so OP it had to be nerfed. That’s how busted DH is.

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No said , your essence is preserved in the main hatchery.
Although ambiguous, the game is still consistent with the word of God about the irrelevance of death
first death of kerrigan in HotS

[QUOTE]Spain version
Naktul or Izsha: Your essence is preserved in the main hatchery . When you are about to die, you will come to the hatchery to heal yourself.[/QUOTE]

essence is a reference to genetic code in the zerg or soul(void energy form) either one suggests the existence of a kerrigan backup later tit seems to be an insinuation they go on to say that when she is close to dying she should retreat to heal

Zagara reincarnating

While on the first occasion that we defeated her, she runs away the same thing Naktul / Izsha asks us to do instead of dying

On the second occasion that she is defeated, she replies offended that she has been killed by minions

[QUOTE] Zagara[ : You will pay for this.

Zagara : No! This cannot be!

Zagara : You kill me with minions! At least fight me yourself!

and alleges that it does not matter because she will return infinitely until the swarm persists.

> After 90 seconds has passed after Zagara died

Zagara : You cannot stop me.

Zagara : Defeat me a thousand times, and I will always return!

Zagara : I am eternal as long as the Swarm survives.

Abathur about death

Stukov : Narud has held these Tal’darim in reserve. They are his best troops. The final battle is near.

Stukov : A shame. This ultralisk might have been useful.

Abathur : Organism Stukov misunderstands. Death irrelevant. Only essence important.

Abathur : Ultralisk reconstituted. Ultimate expression of Swarm evolution.

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You just got help from Spanish version. 3 months later.

Better late than never. :man_shrugging:

I was a little lazy in his time I thought it was relatively clear the dose of ambiguity but I had a debate about this now, so i said why not
Ican no t find this in English, no one will let Kerrigan die in Pheaton

This sounds like a set up for an adult film :joy:

Yeah that’s what I’m confused about. If higher ranking Zerg like broodmothers, Abathur, Kerrigan, even Stukov and Dehaka can respawn when killed, why is death such a huge deal for Zerg?

We see this in LotV when Artanis met a dying Kerrigan. Like why is Kerrigan so worried? She can always be reborn in a hatchery and just win against the hybrids in a battle of attrition. And also with Narud in Skygeirr, why was Kerrigan so worried? Can’t she just respawn in her leviathan or hatchery? Idk maybe void creatures affect Zerg reincarnation cycle differently.

And a bit off topic, but if broodmothers are killed, can they be resurrected like cerebrates? Or are they not immortal? Feels like death shouldn’t matter to psionics like them, they can always transfer consciousness to new bodies right?

The void nullifies zerg reincarnation. That’s way back from SC1.


Yeah I just googled it. Thanks for clarifying. So does that mean Kerrigan era swarm can reincarnate or is that just exclusively for Overmind era cerebrates?