Can't install/update Starcraft II

I keep getting a failed installation message when I try to install, download or patch the game. It worked fine yesterday, woke up this morning and it said I was supposed to patch it but now it always says like this:

“Please try again after logging on as an administrator”
“More help: BLZBNTAGT000000841”

I’ve followed the suggested steps but nothing works.
Other games, such as Heartstone, Diablo or SC1 is working just fine, it’s only the SC2 game that won’t install/update or patch.

I’ve deleted, uninstalled, tried to repair etc.

Any suggestions? Would like to play the game lol… :frowning:

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Hey there Pattephant,

Thanks for reaching out on this! I think we may want to try troubleshooting security applications, or test a new admin account. These steps will help narrow down the root of the problem.

Let us know how things go. Cheers!