Cannot Spawn Zerglings with Niadra in mission "Enemy Within"

According to several walkthrough videos and articles, in the campaign mission “Enemy Within”, the broodmother Niadra should have the ability to spawn zerglings by pressing “w”. That option is missing for me, and I cannot seem to fix the issue. I’ve re-installed the game fully from the battle net blizzard game launcher, i’ve changed save locations twice, I’ve attempted to restarting the level, loading a save game, continuing the campaign and nothing seems to be working. I am unable to progress and complete the campaign.

screenshot: imgur dot com /a/6M86kiX

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

I am having the same issue. The “W” option is never there and i decided to play from the start again thinking that it might fixed it but the same results occur. Also need help with these matter. Anyone?

Have you checked in the help if the button associated to the command is indeed W…if Niadra do get an entry in that mission?

I gave the mission a try and the Zergling key was showing up for me.

Try going into the Keybinds and restoring everything to default, then check the mission again to see if it has reappeared.

Perhaps you use simplified command card? Could you turn it off in options and try again?

Options —> Gameplay —> Enable Simple Command Card [turn it off]