Cannot see certain options

When I try to create a new map, the dialogue box and UI has several features scrunched together or missing.
Examples are that I can only see the option to choose the Wings of Liberty dependencies, and can’t find the other dependencies.
When I go to map configuration, many of the options are scrunched together or missing.
Any help would be appreciated.

Is this a resolution issue? Are you using a 4k monitor?

My resolution is 1920x1080 pixels. I think 1080p. Is there a required amount for using the editor?
Either way, thank you for replying to my issue.

Some buttons get really small at 4k but there’s a fix for that. You should be fine at 1080. I don’t know what’s causing your issue.

Pictures would help. Or send to me if can’t here.

For dependencies, try logging in to bnet using the Managed Published feature before you make a new map or open one. You need to do this every time you open editor.

Only thing for UI I can think is try dragging edges to expand/contract window sizes to see if you find what you want, some options will get “scrunched” if window is too small. Maybe try View>Show UI to check off options in there, as well.

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1 more thing sorry forgot to add, if resizing edges don’t work, then try grabbing and resizing the edges within the UI (yes you can do this and make it really custom too.

Thank you for the advice! Apparently it was my DPI system that was causing the trouble and I had to go into the properties of the executable to change it. Thanks for offering your help :slight_smile:

For reference:

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