Can you get some optional objectives on first run on brutal?

hey guys, seems the protoss campaign is the hardest, i had no probs with terran and zergs on brutal with the bonus objectives but here with protoss i watched a guy play the 2nd or 3rd mission and he had already upgraded the spear of adun, so it seems it isnt possible on your first run to do all objectives on brutal? im now in a defense mission (i think the 5th mission for me) and it is VERY VVERY hard to hold out for 1.8 billions… i can imagine it would be easier to hold out with upgraded extra powers (supply etc.).
what are your experiences?

Yes, Shakuras seems harder than Korhal or Glacius to me, so it’s better to go there last.

Try Shakuras second or last and build Nexuses with Nexus Overcharge and at 1.5 Billion I think the attack waves will constantly change between a Hybrid wave and a Zerg wave. Also use Solar Lance on the Zerg wave with Banelings because they do the most damage to your buildings.

tempojesus has a pretty good video about Anvil of Will, or Hammer of Faith, whatever that achievement is called on the Last Stand mission.