Can we buff fungal growth

I made topic earlier a lot complain if add dps it be broken because it holds unit in place.

Ok problem I see infestor spells don’t make sense energy wise.

Everything is 75 to 100 3 spells every spell cast twice but then infestor waste space.

Back before nerfs removable spells infested Terran 25 energy.

Fungal growth is used for holding fast units in place but these units highly micro so only having two shots on highly micro unit seems weak. For two shots unit that cost 100/125 seems a waste.

I think if drop it to 25 I think it be close power lvl ghost is that. Not talking how ghost blow Zerg.

25 even after emp it have time build up vs 75.

If you 25 be op which I don’t think I think it would solve Zerg lacking holes in its military.

It’s low damage 50 it be ok but can’t really be threat that should be.

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I’m using 20 characters to tell you:



See, now that’s thinking. Fungal either needs it’s energy nerfed, or the ability to hold things in one spot returned. So sick of having the weakest spells as zerg.

Microbial shroud and Parasitic bomb are the worst spells in the game, hands down.


blinding cloud is the worst. no one uses it.

I use blinding cloud. It’s great on tanks or mech armies.

what if someone used fungal growth as a similar concept to irradiate from BW, but only for zvz?

could work right? Since zerg units arent as tanky as terran and toss units and it slows along with a damage.

build a bunch of infestors to have plenty of energy all the time. I really dont know what could counter that.

I wish they just made it like entangle where it deals no damage but lasts like 10-20 seconds (idr how long exactly in BW). Instead they go with the worst of both worlds: it deals barely any damage AND it lasts like 2 seconds AND doesn’t even root targets anymore despite having god awful range on top of everything else. Oh I can cast it burrowed tho on the off chance protoss forgets to make observers or terran forgets scan exists xd

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What? Every viper spell + neural parasite says … pass the pipe! Zerg spells are so good one might even forget about the ones on Queens! LOL!

Fungals? No, you can’t. It’s still a great spell though.


Fungal Growth has the single widest radius of any damaging AOE spell in the game, matched only by EMP after its upgrade (and Im not even sure of that). It has a cast range of 10, which, as far as spells go, is a huge cast range. It is an anti-micro spell which slows, prevents damage, and removes your ability to pick up units. It may, though I am uncertain of this, even prevent units from warping/recalling as well.

I’m pretty sure only Neural Parasite can be cast while burrowed.

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All those spells are trash. Zerg have the weakest spells in the game, both EMP and psi storm out damage fungal and PB. Abduct is just for trading super expensive vipers for 1 big unit. Not worth most the time.

And queen spells? You mean creep tumor and their heal which is only every used defensively against broken 5 min BC rushes?
I know you don’t mean spawn larvae, because that is a super micro intensive macro ability. Imagine if you couldn’t stock up your mules and then cast them all at once, you would cry your little terran eyes out.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: cant get funnier than this.


I suppose the spells are as good as the player using them so we are (sort of) in agreement.

If you know what you’re doing it’s quite easy to retain vipers in most situations, m2k issue.

Well for quite a while now you can stack up multiple injects per hatchery so this argument falls flat. For the record I play all of the races, and Terran tends to be my least favorite so these are hardly ‘terran eyes’. I’ve always found it interesting how angry/frustrated/complaining internet users love assert that others are crying when it is usually the case that they are in fact the ones being childish and unreasonable.

i think he means it in a different context.
you spam 3 mule they work in parallel. But if you spam 3 injects you don’t get 9 larvae, but 3 and the queue is processed.

Fungal growth has a 2.25 radius.
EMP caps at 2.0 with the upgrade.

Parasitic Bomb objectively has the largest radius (3) and the highest single-target damage of all of those spells.

Fungal Growth has a radius of 2.25. It covers 2.25x the area of Psi Storm, and it is guaranteed to deal full 30 damage if it hits.
Fungal’s slowing effect is also extremely powerful, particularly against units that rely on speed, transports, or Blinks to be effective in combat; or in any other situations where relative speeds can be used to determine the outcome of a fight.

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Vipers have less range than thors and carriers. Which there will be many of in your opponents deathball if they are any good.
Therefore, you will lose vipers to get abducts off. No amount of mental gymnastics can beat hard facts.

The fact that you had to bring up radius to make fungal seem stronger than it is shows that you are indeed conceding that fungal is incredibly weak compared to storm. The argument wasn’t about radius, it was about damage.

At the end of the day, 30 damage is almost 3x less damage than the 80 damage that storm does. You cannot argue in good faith that they are anywhere even in the same ballpark of damage. Fungal is a snare spell, NOT a damage spell. It’s mediocre at killing marines and lings/banes (the lowest hp units in the game), taking multiple casts to kill the former, but otherwise worthless as a damage spell.

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No, pointing out Fungal’s strengths is not a “concession that Fungal is weaker than Storm”.

Storm usually deals 20-30 damage to fast units that can move out of it. That puts the damage output on par with Fungal in a lot of situations. Fungal has a larger area and a slow on top of that.

The slow is particularly important because many Zerg units (such as Zerglings, Ultralisks, and Banelings) depend on surrounding or catching units in order to kill them, and many other units (Stalkers, Hellions, Cyclones, Phoenixes, etc) rely heavily on their speed to compete against Zerg. Speed is very important in all ZvX match-ups, and a spell that can slow down all units by 75% in a 4.5 diameter circle would remain extremely powerful even if it dealt no direct damage whatsoever.


Really terrible idea lol. Not saying Zerg doesn’t need a buff, but that’s a result bad idea.

on the other hand, you also have to say that emp is on a relatively small and relatively fast unit.
while FG is on a larger/clunky(?) and that is also relatively slow.
FG is also a projectile, if I am not wrong.

FG is used because of the utility. engage / catch/ if you want to escape or keep opponents in the fight.
if you want to use the whole area, you may come too close.

This is dishonest, most units outside of marines/lings cannot run out of storm that fast. Storm is the best damage spell in the game, bar none.

You are again conceding that it’s a snare spell, not a damage spell. The damage is trivial when compared to it’s counterparts.

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