Can something be done please?

I haven’t played on EU servers for a few months… I come back and 6 games in a row BRUTAL Co-op my “ally” just goes afk or does nothing at all… Is this the new standard or something? I even got angry whispers for asking this in the co-op chat lmao… I always report toxic and afks but apparently nothing is done with that… Or it wouldn’t happen anymore…
Can this PLEASE be moderated a LITTLE better so we have a nice gaming experience and not having to wait for that 1 out of 10 games where we actually get a FUNCTIONING ALLY? Thank you very much.

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Maybe I’m just incredibly lucky but this almost never happens in my experience. I’m not on the EU servers though - maybe it’s worse?

Honestly just don’t think about it. I know it’s annoying when it happens, but que times are short, go for the next game.

Sounds like that guy is a d@ck.
But that RARELY happens and that day wasn’t your lucky day.

If reports for in-game behaviuor like not involved in destroying ally units would count, that everyone who didn’t like his ally playstyle may report him for nothing and get away with it. So No. But i’m in for the punishment for friendly fire. There exists real life, so some afk guys had good reasons to get away from PC, or maybe it’s someone who is learning the game and that is the reason of poor execution in game. Ofc some of this guys are just leeches, but even that is not a big problem. I got same experience yesterday - 2 almost zero usefulness players, and one more useful but blocking base with unlowered depos, and this guy don’t fall his cruisers back for healing. It’s kinda annoying a little but it is not punishable and it’s ok :smiley:

6 times in a row? Full AFK? With different allies?
You must be extremely unlucky that day.
Of course it happens once in a while, but generally not that frequently.

why do they go afk? i dont get it? I got them sometimes, rarely.

i play on eu, never got an afk player, but sometimes a toxic one that decides to kill off all of its buildings because i point out how that he as a swann doesnt manage to solo defend (vs nydus worms, not a stank) on dead of the night. stuff like this

best option for avoiding this is to play with friends. i’m on pretty much every day, usually in the mid afternoon or nighttime (East US time. thus, NA server).

but i agree with others here, you either got really unlucky or have connection issues - which would mean that your partner was active, but you were not seeing any of it

Were they really AFK or just massing BC’s? It tends to look the same, and has the same net effect/value in the mission :wink:

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Hey now, at least if they’re AFK you get an extra expo on most maps!

So push out by yourself. Even if you can prove the player was afk, it won’t warrant a ban at all.

Many people have other things to do in real life. So going afk is normal behavior. I’m sure nobody is doing it on purpose. If you got hit with 6 in a row, unless it’s the same person 3x or more, I doubt it’ll be enough for them to be able to do something.

That’s if and only if they even decide to do something, which I’m certain they won’t.