Can i downgrade to wings of liberty expansion?

i hate the current meta, can i downgrade my account to wings of liberty? or do i have to create a new account?
and if i could would matchmaking be with wings of liberty balance or would it be the current meta?

if i could get the beta version of the game it would be even better

No. WoL and HotS ladders were permanently merged into LotV. If you want to play on the deprecated versions you can do so in a custom Melee game, but there is no competitive/ladder mode for those and there have been no plans announced of ever returning them.

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Every game is in every game…
There is no up/downgrade:

You can play WOTL when ever you like: Custom games, and the Campaign.
People will join, of course not auto ranked, so make sure to state your skill.
You can play HOTS when ever you like: Custon games and the campaign.
People will join, of course not auto ranked, so make sure to state your skill.

That being said there is only auto-matchmaking for LOTV, which is Blizzard’s new style: They were already merging AT with RT (2on2) from the start, so they are more about the quick queues, than what people want to play actually.

I see where you are coming from though… Wc3 had still a Classic ladder long time after TFT. And the funny thing is you could even find games there, but it took much much longer (of course). It would probably give a bad rating in the new modern rating systems, if a possible play mode wouldn’t find games at all. (at all being relative as in not withtin 10 to 30 minutes).

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