Campaign Missions as Co-op Commanders

Can someone make All Campaign Playable with Co-op Commanders?
I know it won’t be fair for the computers but I am curious to to feel the power rush through the campaign hahaha.

That would be hella fun - though I don’t think it would be as easy as all that. Most of the missions are difficult because resources are incredibly limited. I’m playing through again right now, and every mission is like having a resource constriction mutation.

They should increase the resource value and the amount…
But even then, Top Bar ability easily stomps even the brutal

Yeah top bar would be the difference maker. And hero units, which I actually forgot about. Dehaka would be comical for most maps. He could do most of the maps without a single other unit or cooldown. Nova too.

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The Queen of Blades in “All in” is in for a huge surprise when Dehakazilla comes for his little visit.

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It would make slightly more sense if you had to choose a commander of a race matching the campaign you’re in, of course xD.

Swann’s tanks would take her out in a volley or two. He’d be my go-to for that mission. Swann has the best defense. Better than Karax.

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I want to see Mengsk Fighting with Kerrigan in All In Mission.


I would love to play the “Supreme” mission as Dehaka, a giant kaiju fight seems appropriate for dominance over Zerus.


How about a big Terran man with a big gun and lot of fun.

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Dehaka gulps a leader and its allover! Haha

That is too unfair for the enemies…
(Defence Mission will be one hectic though)