Campaign Choices Carryover?

Is there a way to change what choices made in WoL when i start a new run of HotS

Yeah, but nothing major. There are little dialogue changes based on whether you sided with Tosh or Nova and whether you targeted the Nydus networks or Flyers and the first one also can affect whether or not Tosh is in the background at one point. There are no changes based on whether you sided with Hanson or Selendis though.

Oh i meant like on a second play through is there a way to get the different dialogue options. Im doing a new campaign run but even though in WoL I helped Nova i still get the Tosh dialogue in mission 2 of HotS

I recall it being a little touchy. I think you have to finish the whole WoL campaign before starting HotS again. I don’t remember if there are any other tricks to it but you might be able to search the forums.