Campaign Achievements

Hey so I’ve completed about 14 missions so far on the WOL campaign on normal, I want to get the “Wings of Liberty All hard missions” on my profile so if i use the mission archives and redo all the mission on hard along with the rest of the mission that i have left will it show that I’ve completed the campaign on hard on my profile or would i need to restart the entire campaign on hard difficulty and redo the 14 missions from the very beginning.

Mission archives is fine. However, minor spoiler alert, you need to do all mission including alternative and secret. Also, just do it on hard and it will count toward normal achievements as well. Or better, yet, do it on Brutal and get Hard and Normal in a single run.

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Yeah, I would make your hard run for focusing on in-mission achievements, since no in-mission achievements require Brutal. If you want to be efficient, then come back later to do Brutal once you are more comfortable with Terran.

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I did them all on normal and then redid on hard and revisited what i needed. Got all achievements, but it still just says 87% achievements. And I did the “secret” from media too… Got all the feats of str… still just 87% … is the last 13% the brutal campaign in less than 8 hrs?

Which campaign?
Also, if you can post a screenshot of your achievement menu here, I can probably help you a bit more.