Bug for "Hidden Victory"

With all the bugs where you can’t properly get achievements, now we have the reverse: you can complete Hidden Victory while producing stalkers. No idea if it’s because stalkers are nerazim faction or something, but certainly you shouldn’t be getting the achievement when making stalkers.

There was a thread about it.
I remember in one of achievements “warping in” units was not considered as building them, I believe in LotV Colossus mission, therefore all gateway units were “allowed”.

What achievement and on what map are you mentioning? I can’t connect by just name.

I gave this a try and when I built Stalkers, I didn’t get the achievement. What did you do specifically to create the Stalker, right out of a regular Gateway?

Warped stalker, only ever killed a single muta with the stalkers.

Ah ok. Did you use the SoA’s Warp in Reinforcements ability? If so, you did indeed find a bug with the achievement.

The trigger that controls the achievement is only watching for units that are “trained”, meaning created the usual way by queuing (Gateway, Robo, Stargate)

However, a different way of creating units is warping-in that the trigger is not watching for (Warpgate, Warp Robo, Warp Stargate, SoA ability). Thus, it’s a loophole for getting the achievement.

You will find the same issue with the “I’ve fallen and I can’t shoot up” achievement on the Unsealing the Past mission.