[BRSKR] Berserker eSports is recruiting!

Berserker eSports is an established EU based clan with regular involvement in clan wars and tournaments.
We are the organiser of the Berserker Team League which is now on its 2nd Season!
Our current members range mostly from Diamond 3 to Masters 1 - This includes players from NA and other non-EU countries.

Along side our core members we have a Pro Division with our players competing at the highest level in premier tournaments such as ASUS ROG, DreamHack and ESL.
Our current Berserker Elite roster includes ForJumy, Milkicow, Spatz, Highdra, Aristori & Phoenix.

All who join our team can expect a chilled and friendly atmosphere with like minded members who love SC2.
Your individuality and contribution to the team will be valued!

Berserker esports is a great place to improve your 1v1 skills through regular practice but also just to hangout and have a good time with our other members.
As a member you will have access to:

  • Free coaching and game analysis from our GM’s.
  • Practice partners
  • Internal tournaments
  • The chance to represent the team in clan wars and team leagues.
  • Arcade nights and Team games.
  • New friends!

Our main goal is to create a friendly non-toxic place where you are always welcome and respected.

If you like what you have read so far then come and join our discord:
Just add this invite code : 2eYddN6 to the end of the discord URL

Or just add me as a friend @ DerBNV#2681 ingame and shoot me a text.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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do you have space ??