Bring back the Colossus

I will probably get down voted for this but after watching top tier players use collo it was actually exciting to watch their army control with collo in it. It’s one of those “wow I wish I can do that”.

Not sure how their nerfs didnt get reverted when the hydra got buffed and lurkers being added to the game.

It’s much more exciting watching that than watching disrupters being used.

The problem is, how do you reward good collo/army micro without making the army a-move again? A simple revert probably wouldn’t be good as it would just bring back a-move. The collo is a tough unit to make adjustments to it to reward micro and not a-move

Imagine wanting hots colossus back when they have blink and can actually stutter step.

What was real stats that hots vs now because you can still easily dodge lurker attack with.
Practice in editor give both 9 range

Put 40 lurkers in ball burrowed make sure you can detect stealth .

And micro colossus to kill lurkers it’s easy u also can do this with storm.

That why I think lurkers needs to be redone since to easy micro against

I don’t know what nerfs you referring to but I do know their not needed when micro colossus

Lurkers have 10 range with upgrades and 8 without…