Blizzard, please fix the SC2 player portraits league borders

Hello Blizzard,

There have been issues with the Starcraft II ladder system recently, where players have been getting the borders on their portraits of higher leagues than where they are actually at per their mmr.

Examples posted by others on the r/starcraft subreddit:

Example 1

Example 2

This is not the biggest issue in the world, of course, but it would nevertheless be great to have the portrait borders properly match the player’s actual league again. It is, after all, one of the most basic parts of the game and its problems may be confusing to newer players as well as frustrating to the longer time players. Please fix this as soon as possible.


This has been a longstanding issue for years in all game modes except archon. Terrible bugs for sure, but they were put out eventually. This one is still going strong though, and no one’s fixing it!! Is anyone even going to address it? I’m not sure how any of the big names defend the notion that this game is still alive when you have major bugs like these.

I thought this was fixed. Hit 4364 on NA, with the M3 requirement being 4360 tonight. Expected the promotion. Instead Im Diamond 1 still, with an empty progress bar and my league minimum and maximum mmr thresholds showing zero.

Frustrating to say the least.

league placement still broken :rage: