Blizzard abridged 3.5

People use their Battle tags now. Many people used the same tag for both their StarCraft character and their battle tag, but not everybody.

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I like that upvotes are visible. I really like that I am notified. I like that I can see someone is typing. I love the autosaving. I like the edit history.

I really hate how the site looks on mobile. I hate lack of pages. Long topics are going to be horrendous.
Where is ignore button for people who use it? I really don’t like the artstyle.
I miss my different name. I miss my post count.

I also dislike the necessity of always using at least 20 characters.

I have yet to find the ignore button, which I think is quite possibly the biggest reason I may just stop posting outside of campaign/coop discussion entirely with the new change. There are some posters who simply say nothing worth responding to, and I don’t want to have to read their crap.

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I still hate this.


One of the worst mobile interfaces I’ve ever seen. :ok_hand:


Greeting my fellow Mengsk’s follower, I’m :gun::dagger: of the holy Emperor. Not to be confused with the Emperor of all Probe.

I actually like the way we could scroll up to see previous post while typing. I’ll wait until this thread is inevitably 100 posts long before I judge the lack of page feature.

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The Dark Crystal is about to have one hell of a resurrection. That Netflix trailer was awesome.


Profile=>Preferences=>Notifications=>Users=>Type the name you want to ignore.

I have noticed your relationship with Gooba.

I learnt Lei Shen was a hero skin available only through buying a bundle in Hearthstone, and I’m sad. Now we probably won’t get him at all as a card ;(

Khadgar gives you hope.

Weird thing happened with HS to me. I actually really appreciate the new expansion, their willingness to change stuff often, but I completely lost drive. I just do dailies and the heist.

Kytinn in MK are cool af. I’m loving the aesthetic of all these ovipositor skins. They’re like if the zerg more closely resembled real world bugs, but like the scary real world bugs. So like red centipedes, black widow spiders, mantis claws, cave spiders, etc.

I love it.

Also having a ton of fun with MK11.

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There are 3 movies? Aside from the 2014 Godzilla and the 2019 King of Monsters, what’s he other one?

Kong Skull Island is in the same universe.

Oh right. Thanks.

Now I’m just going to prolong this post so it reaches the 20 character minimum threshold and I can reply to you.


Isn’t it great

And yes this also an artificially extended post.


I had a blast watching it. It was basically just a primo classic Godzilla movie but directly upgraded. It’s worth seeing in theater for the sheer fun of it all. Fans of the Toho franchise will get the most out of it. It’s jam packed with nods, design references, and old musical queues.

As always, the humans are a framing device. This movie’s monsters are the stars.

Sam loves monsters.

Tell me something new.

Don’t judge. Anyone who goes to see Godzilla for the humans is watching the wrong franchise.