Blizzard abridged 3.5

Continuation of this.

Going to be weird if this becomes one of those “top” threads that shows up on the right of the main page. Watch it bring in a bunch of newcomers wondering what the hecks going on.

In other news, the new Godzilla film appears to have been a mixed bag where the monster fighting is enjoyable enough, but the time that’s spent with the humans is an absolute bore to sit through. It’s not that surprising when you consider that the 3 films that make up the MonsterVerse has such a forgettable human cast outside of Bryan Cranston’s character from the first film.

Well, you watch it for the Kaijus, not for the puny humans.

I hate this.


I’m also not a fan. Everything about this new format just feels…bloated and all over the place. The previous version was so much more emply and clear to navigate around.

There’s no reason you also can’t make the human parts of the film interesting enough to sit through to get to the Kaiju battles. People watched Jurassic Park for the dinosaurs, but the cast was filled with human characters that you were actually invested in seeing them interact with the dinos.

Haven’t seen the new Godzilla yet, was the focus more on the Kaijus or on the humans?

This forum is terrible when you browse it on a mobile.

You guys not have phones Blizzard ?


I actually can’t see the forums at all on my cell, like it goes to the page but then none of the topics show up so I’m just looking at an empty blue page with the blizzard logo on top. Its so annoying.

Anyone know what the pencil’s mark next to Retloclive’s time stamp mean?

Also, I think we might need to give this new format a few day of getting use to before we just its quality. We are so familiar with the old format that we might reject this simply because it’s new and different. :gun: :dagger:

Pencil shows how many times and when the post was edited.

As for the format if it doesn’t work for phones it’s bad news.

(Still neat that we can see who’s replying.)

I believe it means the post was edited.

Also, new things must be destroyed! What good ever came from something new?

I lurk on the wow forums with this format for 6 months. Trust me, it ain’t good
Only good moment I had with it was when someone on an active thread was trying to answer every post he missed during the day, and the rest of the forum saw that and decided to add more answers just to troll him off :slight_smile:

Poor Ragnarok wannabe.

Eh, that one poster was actually very chill and took it with humor. Can’t say that about most other posters who I can’t help but accidentally trigger.

There was also someone who couldn’t post for 2 weeks but could still upvotes posts. Since we know who liked a post, we communicated with him with posts saying : “If you think this or that, upvote this post”. Pretty fun

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“Accidentally”. Come on mate, I know your modus operandi.

That sounds pretty cool.

@Time (TheVoid)
@Togetic (where are you mate?)

I think y’all figured, since I have the same pic and I write the way I write, but just to be sure I am Bifrost.

Freaking Shield of Mengsk, Hater of Safe Haven, that person that likes Dehaka and so on.

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I’m serious. I went as far as to precise that a sarcastic post about Teldrassil was sarcastic in the same post, and people STILL took it seriously. When I pointed that out, I got this answer :
“You didn’t precise that ALL your post was sarcastic”

Talk about people being dense.

I’m Atlas btw back from lurking

@Mar That’s just sad.


I see you are fond of Greek Titan names.

They are good names, needed to adapt for this one since it was already taken.

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So how come some people kept their original names?