Blizz devs really did H&H dirty on their prestige options

Such a fun commander but p1 is the only eligible prestige they have and I don’t know why they left p2 and p3 to be such crap stains in terms of design compared to other commanders’ prestige options.

p2 is just overall garbage and it has to be the worst prestige in the game because you can NOT amass a force until mid-late game and even then if you’re not dumping all your resources into upgrades, they get shredded by even the weakest of anti air. BC is the only good unit because of the mini yamato cannon upgrade which deletes hybrids and high health objectives with ease but getting 1000/800 takes an eternity when you’re trying to support your teammate and defend your base from the waves that appear every 60 seconds. I’d pay good money p2 get some kind of economic buff like 20% reduction to both or 30% vespene, anything to help.

P3 doesn’t even need an explanation… Just absolutely awful in terms of taking out objectives from your base.

Just had to get this rant out because I hate when i find a fun aspect or mechanic of a game but only come to learn there’s less fun behind it than initially thought.


P3 is bad (though I would say Abathur P3 is worse), but I do want to point out that P2 already does have a 20% vespene cost reduction on it.

P2 is at least playable and it’s only against Explosive Threats that it falls over a little bit. Even then you can play grounded Vikings+Hellbat/Hellion.

P3 is definitely garbage but your assessment of P2 is way off lol.


~laughs in Abathur~ I never found a use for any of his P levels. Tunneling horror is about the only one I find “useful” but the gas cost isn’t worth it.

P1 and P2 are alright. They both can counter a good number of things.

If face with scourge just throw some of your reapers into them :grinning: and / or bait them with mines.

With P2, you could make vikings / wraiths along side Han’s units. You could also throw down mines or build some platforms to wear down those strong anti-air units (dragoons / goliaths). You don’t have to only build Horner’s units just because you are playing p2 :slight_smile: .

If versus sky terran / protoss, you don’t need BCs, vikings / wraiths are good enough.

No comment on P3.

I prefer p0, it’s good balance between everything.

You never play against Missile Command and realise your Mag Mines are almost completely useless due to being set off by every Missile and think damn I wish I had gone P1?


You think they did HnH dirty on P2 and P3? Then i have to tell you that the death mastery (which P1 would benefit the most of) does not work at all. So even their best prestige is a partial disappointment. How about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The prestige version of it works, at least, but yeahhh them not fixing it certainly did them more dirty than their prestiges.

Mastery doesn’t work? shocked face :sweat_smile:

P1 is alright. However, P1’s existence made the Death Effect mastery dead, as it does literally nothing.
P2 is good. The fact that you don’t know how to play it doesn’t mean it’s bad, lmao. The Wraiths are excellent, the Vikings have good niche uses, and the BCs are BCs.
P3 is moot. It’s better to play anything else but P3 unless you’re memeing. 10 Strike Fighters is more than enough.

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Eh, pays to keep saying it, not like everyone knows.

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Rick you seem to know these small details :open_mouth: I don’t have enough love for HH to know these details.

This had crossed my mind, but I didn’t want to say it because it was mean :wink:

There are some mutation solos using P3 because infinite strike fighters is the safest way to complete them (and they take long enough to build 20 or more platforms). But other than that…

Just because P2 hints that you can mass air easier doesn’t mean you should only build air units. I at least get upgraded Reapers before starting my mass air.

P3 for H&H and Abathur are basically for Casual for when you’re too tired or have another reason preventing you to play normally.
Then you go for a game of darts with H&H on DoN or RtK, or a game of Pacman with Abathur.


P3 HH is for completion only, using it is next to never (unless for fun… tho it isn’t even fun dropping precision strikes at all). The rare mutation situation it can fit is basically for “u can do it this way to win” but not a “you should do it this way”.

P2 is perferctly fine, playing it all the time. Using exactly same strategy as P0. Just don’t sleep on production from Galleons and everything will be good.

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IIRC, the death mastery doesn’t work and P1 kind of has it, let alone the two joining hands, eh?

That is always a fair thing, but in general play… P3 is mostly memes.