Bliz stop TROLLING with mutators, srsly

There are two mutators which seriously turn a game into PURE SUFFERING. I am not for too easy gameplay myself, I like challenges, but these two are far beyond any reasonable sense.

  1. Polarity. I understand you wanted more of the teamwork from players BUT it just doesn’t work. Because most of the times co-op is not co-op but a solo game with ballast player and he just doesn’t provide the ONLY thing which could win the game - his forces and help. At the same time you made co-op not to have any player filters (like Diablo 3 does for example). So players are made to a game where they 100% need good ally. And they don’t have him.
    But even if both players are good, this totally doesn’t work too. Co-op is made that way so 2 players are busy with different things. If they stay together all the time, they just don’t cover objectives.

  2. Rifts.
    Appearing faster than you usually have forces to defend.
    Generating non-stop waves.
    Enemies becoming stronger and stronger.
    With no way to close those rifts. They just restore.
    And this happens all over the map.
    Also in far backs of the opponent where you can’t get to.

I don’t say I never won it. I did both. But this was 0 fun and only made me angry. This is not supposed to exist in game at all.

Remove those 2 mutators from rotation. Do us a favor.
If there will be many likes, lets count this a petition.


1. Polarity
As much as I dislike Polarity this is acceptable as a mutator. But I would like its mutation rank to be 9 or 8 than 7.

2. Rifts
Rifts are really hard, they just pop up at 2.20 when you are still busy establishing your base. I just can’t help that the developers were supposed to put it as 3:20 but mistakenly set it as 2:20 and they never fixed it since.
Even Dark Hero Mutations were doable since it goes easy at first but this Mutation just has no mercy.

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The more games you play, the more you realize that most game developers don’t know the difference between “Hard” and “Not-fair.” Now sure, it’s not supposed to be fair, it’s supposed to be hard, but there is a fine line between the two; but most don’t know where it is. It takes a certain level of control to not cross the line, but programmers are lazy… and Blizz hasn’t had competent devs since WoW: Cataclysm.


Polarity can be pretty troll if your partner isn’t that good at the game, but otherwise it’s manageable.

Rifts are actually really fun once you adapt your play style to deal with them. You just have to take the time to discover a build order that works and once you do, you’ll find yourself really enjoying them.

Now void rifts with just die on rifts to Korhal with both the rifts and the first attack wave spawning close together was pretty rough if you had to pub queue for it and didn’t have a teammate who knew how to handle it. It was still doable though and presented a fun challenge. I like rifts a lot… polarity I’m pretty meh about—don’t love it or hate it.


In a sick way, I find the game of finding a good ally for Polarity to be as amusing as the game itself.

There have been some manageable Polarity ones. For example, #198/Sharing Is Caring

I was Karax with a Fenix partner. This one was shockingly easy, although I suspect with the Sharing Is Caring mutator effectively cutting your team’s supply by half, they had to tone it down. Another nice thing with this mission is that the objective isn’t affected by Polarity. ANYBODY can grab crystals.

To be honest, if they make Polarity into a super miniboss that require two player to kill. It would be a better “Co-op” type mutation.

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btw yes. If it was effecting ONLY mission objectives or large hybrids it would be a fair mutator.

I suggested that as a custom mutator… “Duality”. Both players needs to hit a target for it to be vulnerable.

Actually, the original idea was the target has 2 hp pools of which each are only affected by one player. Even if you reduce this, it’s still too similar to Polarity.

mutation is a concept something akin to D3 rifts, where random and deliberately trolly stuff is there just for you. Instead of a lootbox, loot chest :smiley: you get some exp which doesnt have much use after lv90.

THere could have been something else, but this is like getting slapped in the face and you say, yes please :smiley:

I agree and disagree.

This is just plain annoying in public games. I’ve played it dozens of times, and i have never had an enjoyable public polarity game. It’s acceptable with a pre-made, but that’s it IMO.

I like the general design, but dislike the implementation. Rift in a place your commander pair can’t realistically access? screwed. Multiple rifts up and you don’t know which one is the oldest? screwed.

I’d prefer it if they modified rifts so that the actual rift building had an upgrade bar, eventually turning into a boss that walked in and attacked when it completed. It would be more fun, the threat would be more easily identifiable, and hard to reach rifts could get dealt with in another way.

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I can see why you feel that way, but something being annoying is definitely a subjective take. I personally think micro transactions and fatal attraction are much more annoying and unenjoyable.

That is part of the fun of it. Knowing at the beginning of the game that you are on a knife’s edge and you gotta be on it or you will get overwhelmed and lose (unless you are planning on just full on defending). There are some pretty troll spawn points that can cause losses, but it just makes the victory over void rifts that more satisfying. It feels really good to beat that mutator and I feel like I earned a solid win.

Not gonna lie, a mutator like that actually sounds pretty fun.

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That’s a fun idea for a mutator. There could even be variants of it. For example, a protoss variant where a boss is slowly warping in, kinda like the mothership in campaign. For terran a drop-shipped balius hull is under construction. And for zerg some sort of mutating carapace.

SRSLY! :laughing: :yum:

I think they’re just keeping polarity in out of stubbornness. Challenge is fun, having no control over whether you lose is not.

Add to this the three maps we have that you can lose because your ally said so. I no longer play those maps, one day it was just enough is enough.

Just had a mutator with Orbital bombardment on Temple of the Past. Lost that one because random strikes would hit the temple since Karax put up cannons near it. Nothing I could do.

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The Patch came out and it didn’t fix the mutator problem yet.