Big tech. Problem with Mac Catalina OS 10.15.4

Hi Guys, when I start the game, SC2 cannot initialize the graphics card. The screen (Q27q-10 Lenovo) switches off (no longer receives a signal), but the game runs in the background. The refresh rate of the screen is 60 Hz, the resolution is set to 2560x1440. Blizzard advised me to change the Varribles.txt graphics from metal to opengl and to write-protect the file. However, this does not solve the problem. Apple Support was also unable to solve the problem with all its possibilities and told me that Blizzard was aware of the problem and that there would soon be a patch for it. In any case, I cannot start or play Starcraft 2. Does anyone have a solution here?

Hallo Gamer, wenn ich das Spiel starte, kann SC2 die Grafikkarte nicht initialisieren. Der Blidschirm (Q27q-10 Lenovo) schaltet ab (erhält kein Signal mehr), das Spiel läuft jedoch im Hintergrund. Die Wiederholrate des Bildschirms ist 60 Hz die Auflösung ist auf 2560x1440 eingestellt. Blizzard riet mir in den Varribles.txt graphics von metal auf opengl zu ändern und die Datei mit Schreibschutz zu versehen. Das Probelm ist dadurch jedoch nicht behoben. Der Apple Support konnte das Probelm mit allen ihren Möglichkeiten auch nicht lösen und sagte mir, dass Blizzard das Problem bekannt sei und es bald einen Patch dafür gäbe. Ich kann jedenfalls Starcraft 2 nicht starten bzw. spielen. Hat hier jemand eine Lösung?

Hey, Snyderman! The signal message typically indicates some driver or hardware concerns like power. There are some known issues with StarCraft II and Catalina, but this has been primarily issues with crashing, not with the no signal issue on the monitor. I’d like to see if we can help figure this out though. What Mac model are you using? ie. Mac mini, etc.

Have you tried anything like reapplying the combo updates, in case it is driver related, or running an Apple Diagnostic scan?

Hi Caterpepi, I check everything together with apple support cause I bought this Mac mini new. 2 different people there could’nt find out what the problem is an told in the end that there must be a problem with SC2. Both were gamers too an they told me that they heard that blizzard knows about that problem and that they will bring a update that will fix the problem. the Mac mini is a late 2018 model 3 Ghz 6-core i5 8 GB ram Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB.

We’re aware of some issues with game crashes, but not with the monitor signal issues. This is one of the first instances I’ve heard it happening with SC2 on MacOS. Could you provide a SPX file report over to Under the subject, ATTN: Caterpepi - Mac Signal [11047]

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Hi, I sent it today, thx for care.