Better Prestige system will be... [achievements]

I think it’s a wasted opportunity not to include achievements for the Prestige levels…and to be able to choose your prestige and not have to go top to bottom of the prestige list.

Have “Get all 3 Prestige levels with as Artanis in Co-op” and “Get all 3 Prestige levels for all co-op commanders” be achievements, or something like that, that way people who just want a specific talent can get it, on the other hand, completionists can get all of the Prestige levels, everyone’s happy! Thoughts?

Please be aware that this is just my opinion on a co-op function that could be improved. I can and will get all Prestige levels, though it’ll take me awhile…
Thank you Blizz developers for this update you’ve given us! :slight_smile:


I am so glad no achievement related to prestige are included.
When I heard new campaign achievements where part of the patch, I feared some may be included for prestige too.

If achievements were included for prestige, esp as your suggesting getting all 3 for everyone, Id feel compelled to grind through them.
So on a personal note I am very glad not to have any.
Means I can pretty much ignore the system. In its current form, it does not appeal to me.

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I don’t understand your reasoning.
You don’t want achievements because, you would feel COMPELLED to grind through them?
Yet you say it does not appeal to you and you pretty much ignore it.

Do you feel the same way for grinding to Mastery level 1000?
How about finishing all missions on Brutal and doing all the optional ones?

You know you can take your time or ignore them completely, as they are an OPTIONAL side goal for people that want to reach them?

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i Don’t want to do 60 levels of my commander + at least 90 for the bonuses just to see somebody did it more or better

…I don’t understand, if you got every prestige+the original 15 and 90 mastery points, then how would somebody do it better than you? You would be on the same playing field as them, so to speak.

I’m not planning on getting lvl 1000 over-night, esp. since I’m at 69, I’ll get to 90 when I get there, on my own terms/conditions.

I understand

Never mind, that’s personal…

Yes I do feel the same way for the 1000 ascension levels. I wish they didn’t have achievements attached.

I am not a fan of grind achievements. Do this 100x, do this 500x times.
I know SC2 is littered with them, and I have done a fair few.
But it does not make me like them.
And it does not make me want more of them added in.

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Fair enough.


I wouldn’t mind having them. Getting achievements is what got me into coop in the first place. Not that it is a reason now lol, I just want to play it cuz it’s fun.

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I hope they add some. Achievements are optionals, just there to rewards hard things players did. There are already for 12 920 points of achievement. Clearly, there are a lot that doesn’t match with some people. That’s normal. There are achievements for every kind of goals, to make everyone happy. If you are interested, you get it and you are happy. If you are not, you ignore it (Like I did for the 4 Lost Viking achievements in WoL, I hate shoot’em’up, or for Ladder achievements when I didn’t like ladders or for StarJeweled Arcade hard achievement when I didn’t like it enough to improve, etc.)

So everyone is winning.

And since each prestige require to releveling and can not be appelling to everyone, I would like a prestige achievements system as the levels sections of coop:

There are a “Be level 5-10-15 with Raynor, etc.” For each commanders. Those achievements don’t force anyone to play each commanders, it just rewards people for leveling their commanders!

I would like the same with prestige : “Be Prestige 1-2-3 with Raynor” (10 points each, so 30 in total, exactly the same as the levels 5-10-15), for each commanders.

Every time we would reset a commander, we will be somehow happy to get a little achievement reward :smiley: !

Here is the topic I suggested it