Bet you didn't know this

Here is something I bet most people will not figure out, vikings in assault mode get SHREDDED by Ultralisks. Earlier today someone made 40 assault vikings after playing a very defensive early game. I transitioned into Ultralisks just because my roach-ling army wasn’t able to break the planetaries and siege tanks. So I turned to the destroyer of armies, and utterly ruined my opponent. If you are in low leagues and against an opponent with a “smol” brain who does something similar to this, SHRED THEM. Hope this helps all you silver league players.

yep, ultras will shred them, so will just about most stuff really

Well Vikings would have better micro ability which can kite ultras.

Fly up and move around and land

been proven that dont work

you need to be really fast to do that

You should let duke know of your discovery.