Being able to share resources in coop

As the title says, what if sharing resources was enabled? I know very well that this is OP especially in the hands of Raynor, Swann, but how much in your opinion?

Fun fact: in every commander up until Nova, there are cut lines for being able to trade and request resources between players.

I do think that’d probably shift commander power a lot, given some commanders are meant to be limited by some resource or another aside from more minor harvesting buffs. I assume it’s a can of worms they just decided was too much effort to deal with.


My only issue with it is that if your ally has a nasty disaster, and their Nexus/Hive/Commander Center dies, and they don’t have enough to make a new one, then you basically lose. Would be nice to have it for that, but then it muddies the water on stuff like Nova’s/Han & Horner’s super expensive units.
It really is a big headache. Maybe only allow transfer of minerals?

I think this will be a good feature for one or two future commander concept but probably not a good feature for everyone. Imagine you let Raynor to mineral cheat and transfer them to other commander. It will be problematic.

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