Been Watching SC2 WoL Tournament VoDs from 2010

Special doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. This is the main Obs speed whiner that we are talking about here.

What was he 16 when SC2 came out? He’s just throwing stuff at the wall to try to sound important which is what he usually does.

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Yes, now it look really obvious, any speeling expand would end in free win for Z in those maps, but players were figuring out the games and did weird builds. I think speedling expand came later when P was doing forge builds.

This game is from 2012, 1 year apart from that other video, here we will see that we are starting to see the players doing actual builds and strats and the micro and fights have improved a lot.

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Play against someone that doesn’t just idle their observers and maybe you’ll reconsider that one, actually.

The only reason it was like that was because the game was not figured out. Late WoL was extremely stale and predictable, because players got better and found the optimal strategies. LOTV for all its issues, has a ton more variety than WoL where you could predict the first 6. minutes to the t. As an example there were units you just did not see being used in WoL, Thors Bcs Hydras Ultras Carriers. they were simply not viable. That was one of my constant complaints during WoL which I cant really make of LOTV.

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My advice: remove “pop culture” and “wanabies” from your vocabulary when making a critique about current pro players.

Remove the word “meta” from your vocabulary.

Hint: I’m not critiquing “current pro players”.

Let me know when you figure out who it is I am critiquing.

Why are you guys forgetting 12 workers? It’s a different game.

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And you wonder why you get mocked for being gold?

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I swear there was a time in which I could see the minimap and I could tell you the races, the minute of the game, and which player would get the victory,the game ended being pretty stale, with not a lot of viable stuff, I played Z, it looked like the only answer was broodlords, you played ling bane muta and you were playing against the clock, the game could enter on a phase in which you couldn’t play mutas because there was one or two thors and mutas didn’t got regeneration, so it was everything about the map, on big maps you could try to play with ultralisk which were pretty meme, but you could win because the map was big and T has problems to push or deny expansions on them, mid size map, blord and anything else.I stopped playing Z because I felt that the race has no real answers other than winfestor blord, I played T and was more fun, however, against Z you had to win pretty fast or GGlords would end the game, I remember many times dropping on the Z main, destroying the greater spire and Z leaving, because without blords there was no way for Z to win against lategame T.

The overall direction of the game got better with hots and specially, lotv, that’s why I said on another thread that the sc2 franchise wasn’t really destroyed or beaten by Blizz, I think most of the people will agree that the game was improved, yes, there was terrible terrible damage units but overall many things got better and every unit has its use now and in some games all the units are created, in wol, tvp was just marine marauder-viking and maybe ghost, now you can have all of that plus, mines, raven, tanks, liberators,cyclons against cheeses and hellion openers. In ZvT you can play ling bane muta, ultralisks are not that meme, blords are viable, infestors too, now you have vipers, you can also play hydra ling bane, lurkers, and roach playes because we now have ravagers. Wol p gameplay compared to current era was also really poor.

They are too busy talking about “the meta” to realize that. :clown_face: :earth_americas:

Define “meta” for me.

Contemporary, common strategies.

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Well i know who is inventing meta strats and its not your average plat noob.

For example zest has figured out a way to actually play in pvz when it was completly in favor of zerg. Ofc everyone (including noobs and pros) copied his style and it became meta. Or how lambo introduced 12 pool macro to the common folks.

So now you are salty because you cant win in gold league anymore because the average player watches tournies and learns how pros play and tries to copy it?
So you rage about ppl actually git gud?

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That arguments is not really valid, I can show you games from Hots, and you will notice the difference in gameplay, starting with the same amount of workers and minerals as wol. In the end, the worker count only affected early cheese scout, and shortened the games by 1 minute. For example, there was a build done by DRG during heart of the swarm, fast roaches against T, well, that build can be done on current era, with almost no changes.

And you are too busy spamming clowns that you can’t realize that a 15 hatch will be done at a 15 drone count and has nothing to do if the player starts at 6 workers or 12. Z realized that expanding at 14-17 was the meta, so unless they 6 pooled, they spent a couple of minutes holding the drone key, that’s the difference between 6 workers and 12. Same with T, do you think many players made raxes at 9 workers?, no, they did the raxes same as now, build depot and rax at 11 worker count. And don’t get confused with the games lenght, that clock was speed up, no real time game, 20 old minutes were probably 15-16 current ones.


You are obsessed with a conversation that is not part of the one you are in. Go wave your epeen around in some other topic where it might, in some bizarre narcissistic way, be relevant, but this nonsense you are regurgitating has absolutely nothing to do with this one.

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Is WoL contemporary?

Do you know what contemporary means?

Yes. Do you is the question.

Im just obsessed with people who are obviously in the wrong and try to belittle the community while actually making things worse.

Are you sure? Maybe you should double check what the definition is.

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