Been Watching SC2 WoL Tournament VoDs from 2010

I’m from the Philly Area.

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Thats competly fine. Everyone can have opinions but opinions that arent based on facts should be respected but are useless.

The facts are that you guys are part of that “meta obsessed” demographic and you color your opinions based on that perspective.


Ok boomer.

Saying you are right without any argument doesnt make you right.
Go ask artosis then about his opinion about that matter :slight_smile:

For sure, current m2-m3 would have been a monster back then, and a random low GM ladder warrior would have been the top player. A current player in that old metagame would start a revolution by himself, the changes over two years happening every game. The only thing is that the current player should get used to the old units stats and timings.

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He put an emoji, that makes him being right.

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I’m not here to argue what the appropriate “meta” should be for WoL circa 2010/2011.

That’s not the point of this topic.


Special said that back when SC2 came out, it was considered a joke game. No one could play it well and the skill level was complete trash compared to BW. However, he said nowadays players have gotten good enough that they’re both hard games. If you talk to any player at a semi-high level they all say the same things, players used to be really bad.

Using “complete trash” as a critique of a game is pretty juvenile and what I would expect from a teenager. I expect more from someone knowledgeable about the game when giving their critique of it.

And I’ll be honest and say that the quality of the replies in this topic are pretty much on the same level.


So you want to speak to the manager?

Im so sorry that everyone disagrees with you.

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I’m pretty much paraphrasing from Special, who is in fact not a teenager.

2 randos on the forums are hardly “everyone”.

:clown_face: :earth_americas:

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Still more than your own opinion. Only you think its valid. And we even said what pros/ pro casters think about that topic.


“Varied” and “unique”. You can see my varied and unique strategies when i drink 5 beers and hop in a game of sc2.

Metas werent a thing back then because the most efficient way wasnt invented. So ofc everything was varied and unique. Only because something was unique it doesnt mean it was good. But yeah i kinda agree with you: Back then you really needed “real” skill because you couldnt rely on strategies that were invented. You needed to invent something yourself.

For example clem is rather mechanical than strategic. But he is a mechanical god. Maybe its that what you critisize.

My advice: remove “trash” and “garbage” from your vocabulary when making a critique, even if it’s to “quote” someone else’s comments.

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My advice: get out of gold before you seek to comment on the skill level of players.

This was top level gameplay in early 2011

No droning, making military units when there is no need, getting early roaches instead of macroing,random forcefields all over the place, random attacks,alte expansions.

Citation Needed

“Metas” weren’t a thing because pop culture wannabies hadn’t introduced it into the common vernacular when talking about a subject they didn’t understand enough to provide a more nuanced analysis.

Feel free to start a topic regarding your opinion on the appropriate (or inappropriate) “metas” that should or should not have been used in WoL 10+ years ago BUT that’s not the subject of this forum topic.

Jesus, Huk would lose every game vs a ling flooding sh1tter.

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My advice: Not every conversation is about skill or your desire to whip your epeen out in order to dominate the conversation. Nobody cares about your epeen so put it back in your pants before something happens to it.

I’m relying on Special’s epeen, actually. I haven’t really commented about my own analysis of players because I wasn’t active in WoL. All I see is someone who’s incredibly delusional about his own judgement disagreeing with literal experts.