Been Watching SC2 WoL Tournament VoDs from 2010

SC2 used to get viewer counts in the millions when it first came out. And for years afterwards. It’s the game that started Twitch as we know it today.

If only, by the light of all that is good in heaven, you were arguing in the context of what I stated. But you are not. You’re arguing on some strange tangent… no it’s not even a tangent. Your arguments are only related to what I posted in that they both are in some small way related to Starcraft 2. But that’s about as far as the relationship between what I’m saying in the OP and your replies.


Then how the heck would you know?

Okay so lets stick to this aspect. You’re saying that you don’t see any difference in the production value, the emphasis, the hype. That it’s all the same soup and sandwich?

You don’t see the subtle transformation of esports from a grass roots video game-centric vibe to that of big business trying to emulate down to a T that of a major league sports broadcasts? Do you watch sports? Maybe you just aren’t paying enough attention and are laser focused on different aspects of the events as a spectator.


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There was one before JustinTV as well but I forget what it was called. I don’t think it exists anymore. There was also YouTube at the time but less so for live streaming.

Because we have no clue of what are you talking about, everything we say, is apparently not the topic, you should really start knowing what you write or at least exposing your ideas properly instead of emojis as I said, but after all this nonsense argument I doubt your ideas are right or acceptable, after many comments we have not seen any glimpse of actual discussion or idea direction. For sure I have had more productive discussions with my parrot, at least when he makes sounds I know what he means.

Back then, everyone sucked at the game. Even pros. Going back to 2010 WoL, a current day Plat 1 player could probably win a GSL.

That’s how inefficient everyone was. I also think if we went back there knowing what we do now, MMM and Infestors would get so abused that we’d see different nerfs happen, resulting in a very different HotS and LotV meta play out.

I think you were looking for this topic…

MMM? lmao everything but MMM was OP. Blueflame was far better, ghosts were far better, ravens were far better, siege tanks did 60 damage against anything, rax before depot was the best cheese. Roaches were 1 supply. Vortex won games with a few archons, you could warp in HT and cast storm.

I’ve got to admit, it was way more fun than cannon rush, that’s for sure. What better “gotcha” moment is there than finding out someone just built a base in your base.

Bring back Funday Mondays IMO.

Warping zealots inside T’s base with pylons doing the korean 3 gate.

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It caused them to buff assimilators HP because of proxy reaper before depot.

Using a low ground pylon and huge power field.

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Doesn’t quite have the same zing. It’s pretty much a standard play expectation from Protoss.

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I really have to research the history of the Assimilators. They should be 750/750. Playa always complains about it. Apparently they didn’t like how long they would survive for?

nah,the baller move was doing it with the scout probe,T had no reaper because it required tech lab,so by the time they had reaper you could plan pylons everywhere and you could cancel some of them like if it was cannon rush,sometimes you made pylons behind the minerals,and the warp was fast af.Felt really BS.

Ghosts and Ravens were late game units in WoL.
MMM was a composition you built into which basically had no counters and eventually built into MMMGV.

Late game units cant be abused because you have to build marines and marauders first? Gotcha…

No, that’s not what I said. You need to turn off the outrage and think more critically.

They weren’t easily abused for the same reason you don’t see 15 BCs every game; costs too much to get unless you somehow convince your opponent to do a NR15 match UNLESS you build a solid army 1st then add on the op units.

Infestor broodlord wasnt a problem because you had to build lings and roaches first. This is Exactly your thought process. Lmao.

No, it isn’t. Again, you need to think harder and turn off that portion of your brain that’s responsible for your bad assumptions - because it’s broken.

Infestor BL didn’t magically start at Infestor BL, there was an early game which built into Infestors for the mid game and ultimately BL get added on for the late game.

Same with Archon Toilet; sure it was busted but it was late game and a late game needs an early game to happen 1st.

Every time someone brings up archon toilet I can’t stop remembering the times I gladly went into the hole thinking that while I was inside I was not receiving any damage from the rest of the army :man_facepalming: