Balance Update - April 28, 2020

I wall off on the low ground, and the shield battery is behind buildings, so it can’t even be targeted down. I believe that probably should have already been the meta, but even more so now after these changes.

Good builds can easily beat worse builds, no matter who you think “should win.” Getting warp gate before expanding when you’re not doing an all-in isn’t good and phoenixes are better than any unit neeb had/made. He should have lost, whether Neeb or anyone else.

Yep SH and Recall SHOULDNT be in a RTS game …


I am just glad that they are attempting to fix the number 1 issue in the PvT match up. the one the protoss has this huge economy lead… bravo. not sure how not having to spend resources to cloak mines again help but it is a start. I can go mines again.

HT got a buff against ghost.

But, the biggest changes were made to banelings. zerg should never be allowed to go mass banelings and win who came up with that any way. but more importantly nerfing Queens range. I mean why should queens defend everything. they should not. require them to get hydras or mutas early.

This was needed like 4 balance updates ago…


Wait a little wait the release and you see the real state

One of the biggest complaints in PvP right now is the strength of 3 gate robo, something that you’ve complained about quite a lot. I’ve watched a few games of Parting where he goes for a natural wall off on golden wall. It usually ends up with him losing the ability to defend a larger ramp and thus losing his production. Your natural wall off has been tried and tested by professionals. it’s not some hidden secret that only Playa knows.

Maybe, before I ever played LotV. I just know I never played against anyone doing what I do “now.” It doesn’t lose to many all-ins. Most people complain about proxy immortals, but that style hard counters that.

I play with 1 gate before expand, usually, so 3 gate robo is going to be much harder for me to deal with than others. If I wanted to, I could just make another gate.

1 gate -> stargate wall off on low ground beats everyone on NA besides Rob and Pili. I mean, I beat Puck when he tries all-ins vs it. Beat Huk when he briefly came back. Beat everyone on Korea. In a matchup where people whine about rock paper, scissors… it beats basically everything. It wouldn’t lose to Rotti, and it would beat immortal all-ins.

Saying something could lose to ONE build, more times than not, isn’t really saying anything. After this change goes through… it would probably be favored vs all all-ins. And the point is… simply… most people would probably play like this afterwards, thus the shield battery can’t be targeted down, making it a powerful change.

Edit: if the battery has to be within 8 range of a nexus, then… I’m not sure what this does at all. It would only apply for nexus first type builds then…

Kerrigan and Zagara Tweaking

Previously, I talked a lot about improvement for Zagara and especially Kerrigan (Hero’s abilities).

Lot of people disagreed and criticised on my proposals because they think that I am focusing on improving on things which doesn’t need much improvements.

Despite lots of protest I still want to tell the improvements and pleading you to implement them because I am firmly believe on these changes.

I am only giving my opinions and I understand if any doesn’t get implemented. If you deem my ideas unnecessary and I willing to accept.

But please give some consideration, and some changes doesn’t have to be spot on with I hope.

Kerrigan’s Units

  1. Improve Mutalisk Rapid Regeneration.

When Mutalisk take damage, Rapid Regeneration could kick in 5 sec regardless it is in or out of combat (Make them apply to Broodlords too).

Mutalisks are hit and runners but when they get hit by spells they suffer serious damage (Storm, Irradiation, Parasitic), it would be nice for them regenerate even with spells are hitting them. Despite the change Mutalisks are still vulnerable to damages

2. Kerrigan could be foremost in Omega Worm Selection

I need to take out Kerrigan for Assimilation Aura in special occasion but Torrasques always takes up the first Que.

3. Queens can use Transfusion to revive their heroes

Also applies to Zagara.

Kerrigan’s Herself

  1. Please have a look at CHAIN REACTION

Lot of people disagree on me with this but I am serious on wanting to tell the developers to consider…

  • Have Chain Attack do spell damage (armour value decreases her attack)

  • Have Chain Attack SHOULD recover Carapace

  • Have Chain Attack correspond to Kerrigan’s current attack 25% or 30%.

  • Have Mastery 3.2 affect Chain Reaction. (30 Point should increase Chain Effect to 10 > 13 Damage)

Reason: Chain Reaction doesn’t yield much synergy with her other abilities.

  1. Active abilities, Immobilization Wave Psionic Dash + Leaping Attack
  • Could Psionic Dash decrease damage by 20% or 30%. (Heavy powerered units like immortal and thor smash Kerrigan AS SOON As she enters into them) and make her break Force fields

  • Leaping Attack could be doable without vision and allow Kerrigan to evade any attack during it (I thought one of the reason this ability exists is mobilizations and evasion).

  • Please Restore Kerrigan’s Range back to 6

  • Her fury should last twice as long.

  • Fury could also be affected by Kerrigan Mastery 3.2 +50% > +65%

  • Kerrigan’s Carapace could be depletes slower -5 per sec to -3 sec

  • Immobilization Wave could temporary disable buildings (Not harm them)

  1. Improve Kerrigan’s Mastery 3.2 (Ability and Attack Speed)

Can you increase the value from 30% to 45%?

  • Reason: for me, 3.2 Doesn’t show much effect unless 20 or 30 points are invested.

  • 3.2 is especially ineffective when players use them as low level. And even on the max level it shows less effect than it should.

  • Have Mastery 3.2, increase Chain Effect.

40 = 10 > 14.5, 70 = 17.5 > 25.375.

  • Have Mastery 3.2 increase Fury.

Chain Reaction and Fury maybe are passive abilities but they are offensive abilities like Leap and Psionic Shift.

The 3.1 is the better choice than 3.2 because you save tons of Money and time upgrading your units.

For All ground upgrade + Kerrigan + Hydralisk upgrades you get whopping 2475 Mineral and gas ( 990 with full mastery). You can make powerful army quickly and cheaper.

I have uploaded videos regarding Mastery 3.2 improvements in Youtube.

The video was made to demonstrate what I have envisioned, making Kerrigan more befitting as “One Woman Army” than “Woman leading an army”. When I look at Mastery 2 and 3, it seems to let you choose between stronger army or stronger Hero.

Some Functions are not entirely accurate because I could not properly make correct settings. But I tried to make it as accurate as possible.

1. Mastery 3.2 From 30% to 45% (Abilities and Attack Speed only)(Balance)

Zagara Units

  1. Corruptors should benefit from scourge’s gas discount abilities and also Scourge Virulent Spores (enable splash damage).

  2. Enable Regenerative Acid on Banelings and Scourges

  3. Put Hunter Killer Unit selection queue further back (For a summoned unit they are first choice next to Zagara).

Zagara Herself

1. Her Baneling ability could benefit from All Baneling Upgrades (Centrifugal hook for better range)

2. Infested Drops

  • Infested Drops also attack Air

  • Roaches are now Corpsers and lasts 30 seconds more (Wolves of War are far more powerful).





  • Enable Heal and repair inside Bunker. Medics can heal units in bunker and outside. SCV can repair bunkers from inside.

  • Create another Upgrade for Raynor’s mine (Advance Spider Mines) - that allows

  1. Further and Faster targeting

  2. Invulnerability when attacking

I understand Raynor’s Mines were nerfed due to introducing Amon’s Vulture, but from Brutal Difficulty they are weaker due to Amon bringing detectors and shooting them down before they can attack.


  • Science Vessel Enable Tactical Jump for Science Vessel so they can quickly join Hercules Dropships and Wraiths.

  • Raynor should have Tech Lab when patnering with Swann


  • Have cloaking effect last for additional 10 seconds after any units of structures are out of the source (Dark Pylons and Arbiters). This is for better synergy with Vorazun’s allies and Void Rays.

  • Increase Speed of Void Rays and have Prismatic Alignment lengthen for more time

  • Time Stops accelerate Solar Energy Charge (If Mastery is applied). Vorazun consume large amount of Solar Energies mostly because of Black hole ability (they don’t have cooldowns).


  • Orbital Bombardment should be faster (50%) and has no delays (if there is one, Artanis seem to have some)

  • Replace Mastery 2.2 from Chrono Overload Energy Regen to something better. (I have 2 proposals)

  1. Chrono Overload Topbar Cooldown 1% ~ 30% (Applies to all commanders)

  2. Combat Unit Cost 0.50% ~ 15%

  • Give Probes longer build range or blink ability (They tend to get stuck)

Again, I understand if these proposals are not implemented but I just believe it would be good if they could be incorporated.

Thank you for reading, please consider my proposal.

Keep up the Good work and stay healthy.

Please take a look at my other proposals

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Thank you very much, but it would have been better to keep this … TVP has been unplayable so far, but then if I get a Protoss enemy I will quit automatically …
Thank you Blizzard …
Slowly permanently delete the game …

No change for protoss units thats so sad


Toss is very big buffed a moved race…
A move and TTTTT and warp in free lot and win :slight_smile:

Nothing buffed anyway also warp unit not a free

But still no return of the colossi :frowning:


Already nothing change for shake meta i guess

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I don’t know… they could be braver. For example by making mothership immune to abduct, or maybe by giving some love to tempest, since they admitted late game in PvZ favores zerg. Well, we’ll see

I wonder if blizzard realizes banshees are used instead of mines to keep the protoss economy in check. You do realize it doesnt take 30 sec, or 15 sec to kill a detected banshee? Thanks for the oracle buff

I didn’t think any Terran player would have the nerves to complain about a patch like this… WOW… unreal.


its too bad the 3 protoss buffs won’t help you get out of diamond


Really you didn’t? For the first time ever toss didn’t receive a nerf so they had to complain about something

Terrible recommendations by the balance team. Other than the queen nerf literally nothing else makes sense.

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This is not sc2 co- op thread.