Balance this game please!

Are there any plans to release any more balance patches? Zerg are just stupidly OP and I would love to see some changes instead of them winning EVERY damn tournament.

FFS all they have to do is move spawn larvae till after a lair is acquired and this game would see a way better pool of finals instead of the same thing over and over again.

How hard is it to grasp that making 7 drones at the start of the game is going to cascade into an unfair eco advantage? Now this would be fine if they didn’t have the ability to pump out 10-15 queens combined with defensive structures that are basically immortal with transfuse that will pretty much stop anything.

Balance this game and make it more dynamic!!!

(Also need to make it so Terran can only have 1 mule per CC to stop the money cheat!!)


Funnily enough, more toss can qualify for tournaments:
DH SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia: P- 28|T- 16|Z-11
HomeStory Cup XXI: P-18|T- 8|Z-6
GSL S1-22: p-7|t-7|z-6
GSL S2-22 p-6|t-7|z-7
TeamLiquid StarLeague 9: p-12|t-9|z-11

if zerg is so op they should not qualify more zerg than toss or terra? disproved?

7 drones at start from game… sure…
zerg ecco boost comes ~5-6min, before that zerg is even or behind in ecco.
And even the boost does not last long 0-60sec… depending on the game.

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Just go play Zerg then. Games been out for over a decade, nothing is OP anymore. L2P or change the race or leave the game.

I have switched to Terran cause protoss just get rekt unless you cheese or manage to pull off a mass air opening.

I still try them both and it’s funny how my MMR is higher with Terran than with Protoss. I would just like to see if they plan on balancing this game out since Zerg are WINNING the tournaments not just QUALIFYING.

Also it’s a known fact that every one is saying that Zerg are OP in their current state and that you need to do more than 2k worth of damage to try and consider yourself ahead.

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Why is Zerg op units Terran has hard counters

Zerg has no real answer to the ghost, I would say Maru would loose with out ghost.

I just think ghost is little bit op and snipe ability needs to be toned down.


Zerg has Infestor, Lurker and overlord dropping, but using them requires more skill than the current zerg pros seem to have.

Infestor nerfed to ground so it’s almost waste pop.

Brain dead person use overlord drops slow to late to use.

Lurkers have problem as sieg tanks with no protective units that Terran has and shorter range as well.

Infestor would actually be pretty good against the Marines.

The problem is that zerg can get decent results with mainly banelings and roaches.
(This is due to zergs insane economy, and queens)

They aren’t as good as Maru, just a fact. Currently Creator and Her0 are more skilled. Even Bunny is a better Starcraft player.

Zerg don’t have insane against Terran, problem Terran don’t expand enough.

Watch maru he has same amount bases as Zerg.

Infestor take two shots kill marines so unless u have high skill land fg and bile shot at same time

Terran expands slower than zerg due to their command center cost (400 vs 300) and fast zerglings that can kill forward workers.

Infestors aren’t used much because A-move units are way easier, and Zerg has to spend alot to get to them.

The pros go Hellion which is pretty smart, though Zerg can drone up hard.

Terran also goes 2 base marine tank, which I think is a decent practical decision. The mules make 2 base viable. I believe that extra CCs in base, for energy, and more options will become trendy.

I reckon that 1 base at a time will be the best chance for casuals to win, in a long as game where they can’t be killed. The game camera is too zoomed in.

Someone didnt watch dark vs maru…sigh

current GSL - 2022 S2 you can no longer blame zerg.

Final is: Maru vs herO.
Maru win vs Dark.
herO win vs Bunny.

Agree in TvZ Ghost is too universal / versatile.

teleshopping sender:
fight/ harass/ caster/ anti-caster/ zone … The Ghost covers everything.
only for 150/125! but there is more if they want to build more.
only today! 2 sup cost, for efficient stacking.

light units → solid fight unit thanks bonus vs light, 100hp tanky, 6range.

armor/massive/ or only big units → pew pew thanks to the integrated “snipe” no problem anymore.

Zerg wants to support his units with caster → emp aoe, immediately, energy drain. and thanks to the newest upgrade, longer range.

confuse the zerg and do massive eco damage thanks to newest tech: NUKE.
Too risky: No, that’s what Cloak is for.

build it today for only 150/125/2 … call your Ghost Academy.

Zerg was post to be transitioning race build 200 pop that say Enemy hard counter and boom build different tech that all your units soft counter now.

Problem with ghost you don’t need to worry about that because it cover all tech switches.

Zerg winning every tournament is not exactly a problem of zerg being OP

It is because the current repertoire of pro players is stagnant, and the current roster of zergs are the ones that can win tournament, without new players the same zergs will keep winning over and over again

yes coz the only thing terran has vs zerg ghosts should be removed / nerfed so terran has nothing vs zerg and thus just get spanked.
seems legit.

this is insane considering zerg were just nerfed to the point of being unplayable outside master level.
infested terrans no longer exist, broodlords are countered by thors, nydus spit out units dramatically slower. nearly all units require specific tech upgrades.
on the other hand protoss and terran have been given buffs across the board.
i think the one unit that got nerfed was voidrays and batteries since serral won the world series.

now heres the crazy thing, he is STILL winning. bronze-platinum league is absolutely butchered, terran is absolutely overpowered and zerg is close to unplayable.
none of these changes effect serral, they effect every other player.

these massive nerfs on zerg were directly because serral had made landslide victories all throughout the world series.
the truth is Serral is simply the best player in the world. he absolutely decimated the Korean starcraft scene, and this has never happened before in history.
as a result they absolutely butchered his race of choice, but Serral is continuing to win despite these blanket nerfs, because he is simply the best player in the world.

what has happened as a result though, is that zerg players everywhere are furious with the state of the current balance, and a large majority of people below diamond league feel as if zerg vs terran is an impossible match up.

If Zerg were nerfed to the point of being unplayable then why are they winning all the tournaments?

Zerg are OP as hell and the only race that can match them is Terran.

Protoss are just absolute garbage against them.

Protoss just won the last GSL, what tournaments do you mean?

And by design, zerg were always going to be the strongest. When you are the person playing purely defense the first half of every game, you naturally get better than your opponents at stopping cheese and timing attacks.

Every single game someone attempts to cheese zerg, it’s only a matter of time before they figure it out and slap down the attack, putting them in a stronger position.

The longer the game lives, the stronger zerg will seem because they have no offensive or base taking abilities. Pure macro and defense is how you win most games.

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