Balance Shield Batteries with movement

Terran has Medivacs that can fly and heal.

Zerg has queens that can move and heal, and attack.

Protoss has shield batteries that sit there. Ridiculous. Let them fly or at least can teleport range 8 to anywhere with vision.

Comeon, balance the game Blizzard!


I know this is a joke but if sentries could recharge shield similar to campaign… It would make the game much more interesting for sure.

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Well, now that you bring it up, it could be interesting to have sentries recharge shields but remove the shield regen rate for protoss units outside a pylon power field.

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If Protoss units ever lose “innate shield regen” there should be an upgrade to get it back

Asamu has actually suggested that in some of my IRL conversations with him (brother). The reason he gave involves Protoss harassment in PvT. There is a gap before Medivacs come online or before mech builds up enough Tanks or other heavy units where Protoss has a significant edge, specifically because the Protoss units heal while the Terran units either can’t heal or need to pull workers to do it.

Delaying passive shield regeneration with an upgrade weakens that advantage against Terran, which means you can buff the stats on Protoss Gateway units.

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different races are different.

zerg has creep,

terran has mules

protoss has that thing that builds fast. (escaping my brain right now) … end. of. story.


Gamers with BadHabits.

uh no, that’s blizzard FFS. they add terrible things to their games and then sometimes NEVER REMOVE them or take forever to do so. don’t give me that.

No need to remove passive shield regen on toss. That is never a problem.

If you want gateway units buffed then remove WG or slow down the shield regen rate.

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